Friday , January 15 2021

“Do not jump into the water, Christina!

Christina Kirchner shocks political board with letter calling for national agreement, pointing to “non-working officials” Source: LA NACION – Credit: Santiago Filippuzi

Yesterday’s long letter from Christina It was so revealing to me that after reading it I decided to write to her. This is the text I sent you a while ago:

“Madam, I’m celebrating your reappearance on the public stage. How well we learned that the mice did not eat your tongue. You did not lose your speech or you did not lose the opportunity to talk about the things people are talking about: the coronavirus, the mishiadura, the gemstones that govern us, the dollar. The news, in print, would be: Christina is back from Cuba! Or also: for the first time in 10 months, Christina cares about the country, not her.

“It is astonishing that the mother of this monstrosity, the midwife of the government in which the President speaks and becomes a meme, and vice speaks and causes an earthquake, has spent so much time to allow herself a small parenthesis in her court agenda. The Argentines, who are having a terrible time! How hard it was for him to admit that Alberto, Cafierio and Guzmancito did not breastfeed! How hard it was for him to write that the experiment failed! The Fernandez-Fernandez formula was the main move to win the election, but you knew, you could not be unaware that you were asking the teacher for more than the teacher could give. He said this very well in the letter: there are officials who do not work; as real as there is a president who does not preside, and we will not bear all the blame for the corset that assumes you are blowing the back of his neck and slapping his hand with a ruler. I read your lips, ma’am: nothing worries you more than the poor performance of Alberto and his team. “Mistakes,” he calls them. True: errors. They are wrong. Do not glue one.

“You stop with the fact that the one who decides is the President. That is the problem! Do not leave him alone, fall more often with Olivos, direct him, lead him, help him form a good cabinet, with people he trusts, type Budu, Anibal, De Vido, Ssioli, Moreno, Kapitanic. You put it on and now it tells us it doesn’t work. Take your responsibility. Be careful, I said take your responsibility. Do not assume otherwise; where it is, it is good.

“Many were surprised by your call for a major national agreement. Not me. I doubted from the beginning: you are a person of dialogue, of consensus; in fact, I know that in a discreet, quiet way, you have approved the approach. на Dolores Etchevere Y Juan Graboa, real mackerel and trout, Kirchnerist officials and usurpers in Guernica and half the country. Beyond the passages with angry condemnations of the opposition, businessmen and the media, how good it is that one position is dedicated to encouraging an agreement with the opposition, businessmen and the media. That said, and without reducing the rest of the letter, it seems to me the most innovative is that you are the one who proposes a dialogue table. It will be difficult with you, but without you there is no table or dialogue that can progress.

Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Kirchner
Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Kirchner Source: File – Credit: Rodrigo Nespolo / LA NACION

“He also points out that the brakes on the economy and the general uncertainty about what will happen to our lives are huge. If you’re oversaturated, Chris, what ‘s left for us. We need it all, with all the batteries. Duhalde (“We are in a pre-anarchic process”) and the Caférito (“We are going through a huge blow”). Good hair is expected of you and it is not a bad atmosphere. I even wonder how he published his letter, a letter that triggered all alarms, on the tenth anniversary of Nestor’s death. Was it necessary to connect his memory with the cry of the boats !? Did it happen without saying, only on the day of their anniversary, that the main economic problem of the country is the tendency to save in dollars?

“Let me praise you some things and awaken others. It is very appropriate to make it clear that you are not moved by insults or revenge, as this may not be so clear in Honestly, in his tweets and videos, in each of his interventions and decisions, and even in other editions of the letter itself. It is also appropriate to mention the historical anti-Peronist bias of the business community and that you do, you never hid how badly you did not want to Peron.

“Now, let me object. The satisfaction that remains in the mouths of those who read your message is that trying to separate himself from Alberto, get away, take refuge from what is coming. That is not good. “I tell you with respect and affection: if the ship capsizes, do not let the captain jump into the water.”

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