Sunday , May 16 2021

"Do not get called because …" The jury destroyed the participants of the dance!

The fighting and confrontations seem to be the main attractions in the dance show 2018. The participants and the jury leave aside theater issues and go through strong media wars in which they do not have mercy and say everything. The night of Friday, November 30 was no exception, once again, the thirteenth floor witnessed the famous confrontation.

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The protagonists of the last rivalry are: Florence Penny and Mika Viciconte. The media met after the lapidary return of the actress. "Nothing happened to me. Art has to move around in this hammer, it could have been good, nothing happened to me," the jury said in a secret ballot. After hearing the strong words, Mika could not stand and answered: "And what should I do? Should I put a picture on my face, a bag?" He said.

florence peña mica viciconte

Then, Florence did not lag behind immediately and immediately began: "If you will never accept a refund, it's very difficult," the actress said. Later, on an intense journey, Viciconte added: "He has ten doors you do not like at all." "Do not call yourself, because I have nothing against you; I can swear to you", Penya held up with a stronger and incredibly angry tone.

It should be noted that the relationship between the jury and the participant does not have a good background because they met on more than one occasion and in the words of the actress, Mica said she was the worst jury, something that a member of the podium did not like and caused a lack of empathy among them. On the other hand, Penny is not the only jury in terms of the former fight, Laura Fernandez is another figure of thirteen who have no good relationship with Fabian Cubero's wife.

Despite the constant scandals that the blues have as a protagonist, she danced on the tenth rhythm of dance, folklore and won 16 points, a score she put in the middle of the table, and now she has to wait only for the vote of secret to his enemy, Florence Penya , to know if she manages to get rid of the sentence.

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