Sunday , April 11 2021

direct access to web translation, dark theme, basic mode and more news

Stable version of Chrome is starting to update on version 74 to receive a bit of the news, some of them a few weeks ago we were in front of Google with versions in the development of your browser.

They are currently found four novelties in the new version of Chrome 74 for our mobile devices, which we will look at in detail below:



For years, when we visited the website in another language Chrome for Android Show us the default lower menu for translate the web into our language. If we close the menu and we wanted to finally translate that website, we had to reload the website to see the translator again. Now that changes, we now find it in the Chrome menu new option "Translate …" which will appear when the website is not in our language.

Dark theme and night mode


On dark theme appears in the stable version of Chrome for Android, but it's still experimental function. To activate the dark topic, we need to follow these steps:

  1. Enter chrome: // flags from the address bar.
  2. Activate (turn on) the new mode Android chrome UI dark mode.
  3. Restart your browser by clicking Restart Now.
  4. Go to Configuration> Dark mode and activate this new dark subject.

Also, in chrome: // we mark the new night mode, which activates the night mode according to the time of the day, as long as our device has activated night mode. The option needs to be activated # enable-android-night-mode.

Basic mode

Basic mode

As we saw a few days ago, the save data is now called Basic mode, and besides saving data by compressing web pages, you can now open web pages in its default mode, if it finds that we have a bad data connection.

Reduce the web site animations


Of course, Chrome for Android It is compatible with the option for accessibility on Android 9 Foot it remove animations. If this option is activated on the device, the browser will load the version of CSS to "reduced movements" on a web page, if any.

Google Chrome: fast and safe

Google Chrome: fast and safe

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