Friday , May 14 2021

Did Solari and Isco smoke the pipe of peace?

Real Madrid, trained by the Argentinean Santiago Solari, defeated as local in Valencia from 2 to 0 in the match of Day 14 of the League of Spain. And at a press conference, "Indiecito" stressed the work of Isco Alarcón, with whom he obviously has a bad relationship. "I asked Isco to be decisive in the counterattack, and he was, I am very pleased with his match and of all", he said.

The friction between the two can be traced back to Solari's landing in Merengue. The first was when the coach asked the players to count the votes, something that he did not like the Spanish footballer. The second was a strong discussion of the training that resulted in Iskko's "lack of respect". However, now it seems that both of them smoked the pipe of peace from respect to the club.

On the other hand, the 42-year-old coach analyzes the team's game against the Valencia team: "I would like to repeat the first half more times, it was a great match, although in the second half of Valencia I had to push, because they were behind Valencia had to take more risks and play longer." The team puts the advantage ".

Regarding the physical condition of Gareth Bale, who retired with discomfort, Solari said: "He was tired and had a nuisance, he was looking for a lot in Aibar, in Rome today, it is normal that he is exhausted, this public always asks for more, everyone would like to focus on the players who stood out, complete from all".

Finally born in Rosario talked about Luka Modric's options on the Golden Ball: "He's an exceptional player, he's shown before he even came here, he had to grow into a very complicated context and that could have helped him, and then I do not know where he got it, but it's clear he has".

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