Saturday , May 15 2021

Dancing 2018 Sol Perez talked about the unusual gifts he had received from his former boys "rats"

After her acceptable performance on the bass, Sol Perez returned to the track to fulfill her choreography of folklore. He was very happy and I even talked to Marcelo Tinelli about his former players.

Although a few months ago he accused Lisandro Magalan of a "rat," he went for more and sent a player from the river to the front: "He brought me clothes from the exchange they were given, such as beds."

The jury's laughter and the crowd came a few seconds later, when the former Chica del Climate admitted that one of her wants, that she plays in the National B, I gave him vouchers "to go to dinner". "He said" it's worth a dinner. "I asked him to go together, but he replied that he would never be able to." When we agreed that the voucher is already long and paid me, "he shot.

At the time of the dance, he took a pretty bad score. Angel de Brito put 4, Lauria 3 and Marcelo Polino 0. Florence Penya was a secret ballot. He did not like the performance of the stand and was told that he looked like a school event.

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