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Cynthia Fernandez attacked Nicole Neumann and La China Suarez – 01/02/2019

Fiery Panels "Los Angeles in the morning"(Thirteen), Cinthia Fernández it was sent with everyone against Nicole Neumann and China Suarez. With both, Cinthia There were problems for the same subject and decided to say without a filter what he thought of them.

The latest conflict of Cinthia Fernández it was with Nicole NeumannWho he denied goodbye in a restaurant when she discovered she wears a dress identical to the one they were wearing. It happened that both famous people went to two different parties in Punta del Este with the same point in silver. Then they went to the restaurant and Nicole, upset, he turned his face Cinthia.

In "Los Angeles in the morning", Tsintia in detail how the events occurred Nicole Neumann then he remembered that on another occasion, something very similar happened to him China Suarez. Brutal sincerity, Cinthia There were heavy words for both.

Regarding the episode with Nicole Neumann in Punta del Este, Cinthia Fernández He said: "Gente's party was on the 28th and the dress code was metallic. It's hard, because you do not have a metallic dress, you do not carry it in your suitcase." I went to a well-known house there, after the event we went to we ate and met him with a meter, we were face to face. It was impossible not to say hello .. "

Photo Stock Nicole Neumann.

Photo Stock Nicole Neumann.

It was impossible, but Nicole have made it possible, according to the story of Cinthia Fernández: "He looked at me and my face went off," he said. I said "ma, yes!" I was at the restaurant and it was all silver, it looked like a bowling ball. She was also silver and it was inevitable not to see each other. "

Regarding the brand that lent its dress, Cinthia He commented: "I was asked to delete the designer's name. They told me that" we have problems. "Then I fell that she used it (Nicole) … Rightly, I took my face."

Connie Ansaldi, who was a guest of "Los Angeles in the morning"He said that the mistake is the brand that lent its dress, and not following the clothes they give to every celebrity.

That was enough to say that Cinthia will jump: "For me It's a psychological problem! It's a security problem. It must be treated for me"

Then, when she was reminded that she wore a dress identical to that of China Suarez, Cinthia he reacted by saying, "Yes, it's the second time that's happening to me. They're very insecure girls, all right."

Photo Stock China Suarez.

Photo Stock China Suarez.

"China (Suarez) sent a terrible message to the brand and blocked them – held Cinthia Fernández-. It's a dress I ordered! It is from a Spanish brand that she also copied because is number one for copying"As if all this was a bit, provocative, Cinthia He added: "Also, people with eye problems have told me that" you look like Pampita. "The worst that can be said. This medium is small and we dress our brands."

Photo Stock Cynthia Fernandez, full honesty.

Photo Stock Cynthia Fernandez, full honesty.

Sharp, the driver Angel De Brito he asked Cinthia Fernández: "With all the love of the world, will not you give them fat (sic)? Nicole and a China, who do not want to wear the same dress? "

The answer to Cinthia It was pure irony: "I'm sorry, Gordy. Type," he said, and ended: "If you're so superb, buy it and nobody uses it." Lapidar!

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