Friday , April 16 2021

Cybersecurity activates ambassadors to deny the 2020 default

The first concept that has been attempted to convey is that a possible government of Christina Fernandez de Kirchner will respect the debt issued by Maurizio Macrie's leadership and the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The argument for the interlocutors to create the message was that during the Kirchner administration, all maturities were respected, and that no default voluntary private borrowing was made, either locally or externally. It was also mentioned that the current status of the obligation issued during Maurizio's government's Macri can not be linked to the standard declared in December 2001 by Adolfo Rodriguez Saa, which also includes many public titles issued during the the last military dictatorship. , according to Kirchner's vision, politically justified widespread and difficult negotiations. According to the argument, the new debt was agreed by a democratic government that was assumed by popular elections, and then with the largest debt swap in world history, which also played in two phases of Kirkenes. This responsibility then, in the eyes of Kirchner, is a legitimacy different from that of previous failure. What does not mean that in the short and medium term debt, there can be no call for re-negotiation for maturity, but in a voluntary and "good faith" between the parties. There was no greater precision for the depth and speed of these possible negotiations, but there was the insistence on the phrase "goodwill".

It also talked about whether there would be restrictions on access and flexibility in currency management. Or, more directly, if you think of a new trap. The message that remained for the interlocutors is that the pattern they are considering is not inaugurated in 2011, but rather the refinement of the original idea of ​​the measure. That is, to return to the original project of actions, making only dollars can be bought according to the level of registered income of individuals and companies. This scheme, which in reality could never be completed effectively and later overcome by subsequent alternatives and variants of model models for 2013, would be a formula that would be developed in economic laboratories K. In case of companies' profitability and the possibility of sending remittances abroad (the most criticized aspect of the shares), it promised not to return to the scheme by which the Christina Fernandez de Kirschner government ended and worked on benefits in case it reinvested this profitability .

It was also discussed about the validity of the idea of ​​respecting the zero-deficit target and fiscal balance initiated by Makrimo, taking advantage of even the impulse given by the current leadership of Nicholas Duovni, but with a longer extension of the time of the program stream. Although there are no precise times, the intention is to draw up a plan that exceeds the six months proposed by the current Treasury, and this extends over a longer, but credible period. Surprisingly, there was also talk of the need to reduce tax pressure in the rhythm of reducing fiscal deficits starting from the productive sectors and eliminating the last sag of exports of retention applied last year.

Regarding the IMF agreement, it was assured that it would be respected and a new round of negotiations would be opened to try to modify the current stand with an expanded facility contract. It is a transition from a four-year to one-ten-year agreement. It is known that the financial institution will require reforms that will be politically difficult (almost impossible) to cover in Cybernetics, such as labor and social security. However, the intention, at least what was told to yesterday's interlocutors, is that you should first sit down and negotiate. How to show that there is "good will" on this side of the opposition, there was Alvarez Agis's personal gesture towards Maurizio Macri's government. The former deputy minister of economy personally communicates with members of the economic team to make it available and clarify that no Kirchner proposes any non-performance, nor a call for renegotiation of the debt in return for withdrawal. According to the opposite versions, the same authorities informed Alvarez Agis that this is not necessary and that his position is clear.

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