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Credit card operations grow

November 25, 2018 – 20:52
The biggest growth in sales was mobile telephony with 26.2%.

The number of transactions with credit and debit cards increased by 7.3% and 14.2%, respectively, by one year, the Atacic Chamber of Commerce said on Sunday.

The second highest growth was the purchase of airline tickets, with growth of 24.6% and 54.6%.

The total volume of turnover registered last month increased by 36.4% and 42% respectively, he said.

Despite the strong increase in the total amount of card transactions, the increase in percentage terms was under the cumulative inflation of the last twelve months measured by Indek, from 45.9%, he said.

In credit cards, the highest sales in the sale were mobile telephony, with an interim increase of 26.2% in the number of transactions and 57% in the amount.

Second place was the purchase of airline tickets, with growth of 24.6% and 54.6%, respectively.

On the debit card side, the most moving item was LINEAS EREAS, with a growth of 61.8% in the number of transactions and 77.6% in volume, followed by Payment of services, increasing by 49.8% and 101% , respectively.

On the other hand, the item that showed a drop in credit cards compared to October 2017 was the domestic article, with a decline of 23.1% in the total transactions.

In the meantime, in debit cards, items that reduced their number of transactions are: Furniture and mats (-11.9%), Clothing and footwear (-9.0%) and Household products (-8.0%).

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