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Countdown to 15 from Facebook!

The US-based company, created in California by Marc Zuckerberg, will turn into 15, with more than 25,000 employees and a market capitalization of $ 541,000 million, Facebook Surrounded by controversy, suspicion, suspicion and good deeds.

His birthday will be on February 4, in the midst of a bad moment crossing his founder, who was the biggest loser among billionaires listed by Forbes. But first there is a story.

After a year of scandals and bad names, Facebook's Facebook fortune fell 7 percent last week, and its shares also fell by 30 percent compared with July last year. However, today the social network presents its results for the fourth quarter of 2018 with an optimistic expectation: $ 16,400 million in profit, 26% more than in 2017.

Despite this, allegations of violating the privacy of its users and political manipulations have affected the company, causing Zuckerberg to reconsider the business model, El-Economics recalls. At present, the social network is quickly accomplished by WhatsApp, which is already equal with the number of users, although everything remains in the family: the messaging service was purchased by Facebook in 2014. The biggest challenge lies in how to make so many users profitable, more than 2,600 million.

One of the big questions facing Facebook is that many social network users do not understand the systems that handle their information and advertising, which inevitably leads to distrust. To that, Digital Advertising Specialist Hugo Saez wrote on Twitter yesterday that Zuckerberg's explanation of the processing of our data looks at important details, simplifies the process, and often sets the user's responsibility when it does not need to.

"Everything we do on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp has been recorded and analyzed, but not only because of the work of data analysts, models are being created. In general, the system is usually right, and it's of great value for advertisers because communication affects the public with a precise and personalized message, "Saez summed up and added that Pixel is the code name that allows advertisers and Facebook to know everything we do:" Do you know that the feeling that they hear us and know what we want to buy it at any time? It's Pixel, he said.

On the other hand, Jose Manuel Rodriguez, journalist specializing in networks and digital transformation, in a dialogue with El Economist, said: "Zuckerberg always alludes to user control, but the truth is that most people do not really know how Facebook works in terms as elementary as selecting the content they see. A few studies and studies in the United States show that the minority knows the existence of an algorithm that monitors or hides the contents they can see. It can easily be concluded from this example that we still have alku direct information about what happens to the data that remain there, though the pressure of scandals presses Facebook transparency and better management. "

In this regard, Ceo on the social network assured that the sale of user data will go against the interests of the company, as this will reduce the value of the services of advertisers. "I believe that the most important data principles are transparency, choice and control options, we must be clear about how we use information, and people must have clear options to choose how they want to use. The regulation that codifies these principles for the entire Internet would be beneficial to everyone, "Zuckerberg said.

Because security and privacy concerns cause Facebook to worry, Rodriguez at the same time argues that transparent mechanisms in which control is a user's convenience: "It's time for regulation debate to burn, and this will end up arriving." Great technology, not just Facebook , strives to establish the basis for that regulation, so that it is least harmful to their way of earning. "

With the rise of the other two networks of the company (Instagram and WhatsApp), Zuckerberg changed its strategy to the integration of the "family of applications", which will unite the three message giants in 2020. "I want to be clear: our goal is to help people share and connect more with their families, friends and communities," he summed up. Return to Origin Can You, or Did the Ship Lost the Road?

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