Saturday , May 15 2021

Coudet takes his hand: possible eleven races

Argentina's Super League de Fochbold is visiting Thaler in Kordoba for the number 14 of the local tournament. Racing coach, Eduardo "Chacho" Kudet, has to make some changes to the start. The first variant is mandatory, Yves Pulud entered Renzo Saravia. The player is a significant decline and this can not be because it reached the fifth yellow.

Another modification will be the revenue of Eugenio Mena, on the left, and Lucas Orban. Mena, without pain in the right heel pain, and after the suspension of the game due to the accumulation of yellow, returns to the left. The races came from excellent performance against Benfield, although although Empath was 0-0, the whole had all the victories. "The rival goalkeeper was once again a figure, the match was a monologue, we were handling the ball and we tried all the time", said DT after the match last weekend.

The main surprise was that Matas Zaracho, who is already recovering from a sprinkled right knee, will return to the starting lineup. Instead, Cudde, I decided to take Nerye Cardoso. Possible eleven brackets can be: Garca; Pila, Sigali, Donati, Mena; Domnguez; Centurin, Zaraho, Paul Fernsez; Cristaldo and Lisa Lippe

Gabriel Arias, a goalkeeper, received the authority of the medical team to play again after he defeated the fracture in his right hand and was in optimal conditions to return to deal. However, the coach is inclined to leave Javier Garcia as a starter for this match against Thales, so that his healing ends well.

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