Monday , August 2 2021

Cordovan paid $ 2,500 for a $ 100 bill with Eva's image

A ticket that was sold to a collector Credit: Thanks to La Train

CORDOBA. Cordovan's coordinator paid $ 2,500 for a $ 100 ticket in the "U" series that takes Eva Peron's face and virtually disappeared from circulation. He bought it at an auction in which the base price was $ 650, but several bids were raised. However, this is not the highest paid value, in August there was an operation of 200 USD.

The buyer was the collector Roger Chekoneello, the founding partner of the nursing center in Cordoba. As he said, some time ago came after the "U" series and missed a ticket with Eva's picture. The issue was in 2017 and reached 100 million units.

Collector and Secretary of the Philatelic and Numismatic Center of

Villa Carlos Paz

, Explain Sergio Tonareli
THE NATION It is an "anxiety" that leads to the payment of high prices for certain tickets. He said that the same 200 dollars were paid in October and November.

"The National Day of Numismatics was a topic of discussion that did not appear in the U-Descriptor series.

Central Bank

she issued the whole series, to Z, and even started with double letters and U did not come into circulation. Then, soon afterwards, it began to appear, although they were few. "At the end of the year, the $ 100 unit with Eva has already fallen to $ 100.

For example, consider that the collector paid $ 1,000 for a $ 50 account with a condo image and "P" before the number that means replacing a copy. "They cite more because they are very few, they are rare."

The value of the ticket – this is not the case of the purchase of $ 2,500 – increases when there are errors, numerical features or they are a substitute.

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