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Córdoba bomber federation, primer en el pais en rescates urbanos

The Córdoba Bomberos Voluntary Federation of Canada has the highest accreditation rate in the USAR Brigade (International and Rescate Urbano) internationally, subject to the INSARAG norm (International Relations Operations Group in Batesqueda and Rescate). Será, además, la segunda de Latinoamerica en a logro essay.

This semester ended, with over 40 USAR brigades from the Federated States of Cordoba (which had a total of 150 quarters of todo in the provincial interior) carrying out the "final final in no real time", with 40 hours of training, "rescating the extruded colapsadas" , in the villa of Villa Maria.

Before the final essay, use the edificio de la exaceitera de esa ciudad.

(Fotos Federación Bomberos Voluntarios)

"It is possible to carry out permanent evaluations in the field of international and national surveillance, and the possible monitoring of the surveillance and control of INSARAG", informs the Federation.

"Luego de 10 años formazione e perfectionismo, this logo represents a hit to the Córdoba Federación Bomberos Voluntarios federation, which does not belong to any gubernatorial organization with no gubernatorial organizations, except for this type of accreditation."

The official accreditation act, under the auspices of international, national and local authorities, has a caboose domingo, a 14 (alias term), in the Bomberos Voluntarios de Villa Maria.

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