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Convicted of raping his children, he is now imprisoned

The doctor abused the three children after they were babies. Although, for older brothers and sisters, the fact that he managed to make them take such a long journey to write to the networks, he first saw his father abuse his sister, who at that time was only 3 years old.


The first complaint appeared in 2006, and eight years later Bustin was convicted, although he was still free, thanks to his defense, appealed to the Supreme Court. Now, due to the social pressure exerted by his children and neighbors after the case became public, Bustinz was arrested. "I hope that the condemnation that kills you is this, the social condemnation," wrote his eldest son Santiago Bustinze, when he shouted his father to seek justice.

– Golgotha ​​with crossed arms organs

The oldest son of the ophthalmologist tells cruelty of his experiences. "It was crazy that justice did not force us to have this man next to us every day and to endure their threats," said Santiago Bustince.

"He did not serve us a minute from the sentence and the police never listened to us when we condemned him. They just did not hear it now," he added, the young man who was the victim of his father's abuse, although the court verdict only refers to the attacks on his brothers, Catalina, 16 and Martin, 17.

"They forced us to watch every day and live on Golgotha. My brother crossed into the hall and came back to cry: He would come to see me at football matches and smile cynically." My sister chased her through the neighborhood and told her things , he carried his head when he came out with his friends and threatened my mother and grandfather, "explained Santiago, who was admitted on Tuesday as a doctor.

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