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Controversial statements by Carlos Persiasle about Gasal's health: Antonio's answer

Carlos Persiasle: "Gasala is not in good health" (Video: every afternoon, El Nove)

In a note from Punta del Este for the program Nine, Every afternoon, Carlos Persiasle began a huge revelation about the health of Antonio Gasala which worried everyone.

At one point in the interview, the journalist Lio Pekoraro he asked the Uruguayan artist, who was accompanied by Fernando Burlando"How are you doing with Antonio?" At some point they were friends, and then they parted, whether there was a chance they would work together with Antonio, because he ran loosely this year?

Then, Percival surprised: "I do not think, because Antonio is not in good health. After I took him to Sanatorium Fleming, he was dedicated, now I do not know how he is. "And the journalist and the rest of the team from the cycle of Nine They were surprised by such an answer.

And give more details: "These are six unclean letters". Pecoraro insisted on the subject: "We knew that he had skin cancer some time ago, we are understanding, right? Antonio is with cancer? "

"Yes, but it's not skin. He has cancer in the ankles, on his knees. It has to do with joints. Today, cancer can be cured. It can not be cured. In addition, Antonio has already made a divine life for what is ugly, "said Carlos.

"It's a terrible presence for him, but hey, that's going to be a karma that he has in life, he must laugh a little more, enjoy more.. Antonio is a great person, but he must laugh a little more "said the comedian. "Does that mean?" Asked Pekararo surprised by the floor. "Yes of course."

Antonio Gasal's response to Carlos Perciavale (Video: Every afternoon, the Ninth)

Minutes after the end of the note, Pekoraro communicated with him Antonio Gasala, which is limited only to answer: "Allow Carlos Persian to say what he wants." And then it was interrupted by a lack of a signal in communication.

Recall that six years ago, brother of Antonio He stated that he was found to have skin cancer: "There was something that bothered him and when he went to the doctor, they told him to work. He is recovering. "

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