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Conflict in Chile cracks up on Argentine campaign – 22.08.2019

Following statements by Security Minister Patricia Boullrich about the Chilean crisis, Frente de Todos' deputies, Felipe Sola and Gabriela Ferruti; CTEP officer, Juan Grabois, and leftist candidate Nicolas del Caio came out to answer.

"The Chilean state had to come out and put order. What's happening in Chile it's not a social protest, it's a quasi-terrorist uprising, We don't hum. It is a social protest that ends with the demolition of the whole of Chile, "said Metro Radio Minister.

"She is a continental expert on repression"Former governor of Buenos Aires said in a dialogue with El Destape Radio after the official defined the situation in Chile as a" quasi-terrorist insurgency "and thought that in such a revolt, it was" inevitable "to be dead.

"In 2001 the coral was drying the street with money. There was no money. And then came the repression. We learned hard, though some learned and others did not," Sol said, adding that the crisis in the neighboring country was "a very serious blow to the Chilean myth." model. "

In turn, Bulrich and Ferrut had several crossings in the networks.

"The images of Chile and Ecuador are not repeated today in Argentina just because the hope of October 27th extinguishes the blaze. A little more patience, a lot more dreams ahead. Come on, they're leaving"He wrote the Deputy Chryslerist on Twitter, to which Bulrich responded with a photo of Saturday's obelisk march and added:"They want a burning Argentina, and we are also marching in rejection of this. Because they want Argentina burnt out, divided and violent. Let's not let them come back. “

The following day, Bulrich continued the topic. "The tweet that I criticized in Heruti yesterday called it violence. Also in the debate, candidate Del Caño incited him to imitate Chileans who burn Chile. Today the STEP flag, for example, participated in aggression at the Chilean consulate in our country, "he said, and continued:" They choose violence as a path, and that path is dangerous and uncontrolled. We are determined to continue to defend the peace and tranquility of our society and we we will act with all the weight of the law against those who want to create chaos".

Ferruti again responds: "We will fill in the ballot box for a fairer and equitable land on Sunday and against unfit characters like you. I hope that Chile and Ecuador and all countries that are victims of neoliberal law can do so soon. #EstoPasaEnChile "

Grabo also destroyed: "If we 'broke everything' because none of us is in custody? Are you, @PatoBullrich, useless or a liar? As a public official, you have a duty to convict us, with evidence, in justice, but only to slander us on TV. Rarely, "he wrote on his Twitter.

The leftist presidential candidate also responded through the networks. "This is 'democracy' and 'freedom' in defense of Makri, Boulrich and Espert. Long live the popular uprising of the brotherly Chilean people. The real democracy is in those who stand against the inherited regime of Pinochet's dictatorship, "he wrote in a video with police action.

Another who said he is a candidate for the ruling party's vice president, Miguel Angel Picheto, said there was a process of "destabilization" and attributed it to the influence of Venezuela and Cuba.

"There are a number of single-axis facts: destabilizing Latin American countries. And there seems to be a mix of Venezuela and Cuba. What happens in Chile has a minimal motive that has resulted in major disruptions, and so has Ecuador: there is destabilization process, "he said.

In that context, the Peronist senator referred to Monday's protest outside the Chilean consulate in Buenos Aires and linked it to the process.

Therefore, according to Piquetto, "there are facts that demand, in the wake of this dictatorship process in Venezuela, a political definition of presidential candidates that is categorical."

"We are facing a military dictatorship, which is in partnership with Cuba and is advancing the destabilization process in other Latin American countries," he added.

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