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Concerned and good news for Boca in the countdown to the final in Madrid – 12/03/2018

The countdown to the Copa Libertadores final in Madrid began to run for Boca, which in the early hours of Wednesday will travel to the Spanish capital after a new sign of fans to be held near Bombonera.

Before you enter the plane, Guillermo Barros Cliff it starts to delimit a team that will jump to the grass Santiago Bernabeu. On the one hand, there is concern about the slow evolution of Ramón Wanchope Abila, who returned this Monday to train in a different way. On the other hand, he is enthusiastic about the evolution of Christian Pavon, who will already start working for his companions and will be tested to see if he will arrive in the duel against the river.

The one from Abila begins to generate restlessness in the bosom of the technical body, which installed the idea that this week will be practiced without problems. The former hurricane will have an overload of twins, although some close to the player even speak of something more important than anxiety, but say the Superfinale will not be lost in any way.

It will be seen during the days of the evolution of the center forward who did differentiated work for four days. This weekend was concentrated on the match against the Independent, but it was not even in the replacement bench.

Pavon will start this Tuesday to practice with his other teammates in a normal way, since he has made it differentiated in the past few days, but with prey, and it is very possible that he may be at the start of the weekend in Santiago Bernabeu.

It's also without problems Carlos Tevez, who yesterday disappointed him from the match against the Independent and practiced in the morning at Casa Amarilla for discomfort in his left single match. In the morning he trained with the rest.

Who was in the hall was Lucas Olas, which this week was replaced at halftime Emmanuel Mas for trauma in the right knee, but this Tuesday I will also work with the group.

On the agenda before the trip to Madrid

Boca trained at Bombonera for 11 years, where those who did not play on Sunday made football less and the rest regenerated. Boca will return to training this Tuesday at 10 at his stadium, and then players will return to the Pedro PoPipio complex at 18 pm there, and then go to Ezeiza Airport, from where he will leave on Wednesday at 1.30 in years charter to Barajas, to arrive about 16 years.

Of the 20, he was called to benderedo in the area of ​​Park Lezama, at the intersection of the streets of Martin Garcia and Paseo Colón, and fans will then accompany a few micro blocks to the entrance to the 25 de Mayo highway.

It has already been determined that it wins or loses, the team moves from Bernabeu Stadium to the airport and from there to Buenos Aires, where it will arrive around 9 on Monday 10th.

Is it that the team that becomes the champion of Libertadores will be against the clock and will have to travel on the 13th this month in Abu Dhabi to debut at the 18th World Cup in the club.

Today, the 17 on the soysocio.com site went to 5,000 generals worth 80 euros, which will be the first for partners only, and if the rest, the Wednesday will be sold to the supporters. Among the sites that have their own name and ID card their owner, will have to be pulled out of the stadium in Real Madrid on Saturday before the final.

Boca will face the river on Sunday at 16.30 at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, by the Copa Libertadores de America Superhero, with Uruguay referee Andres Kunha and Fox Sports.

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