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Complaint against the rate 40 communal leaders …

The mayors of the pioneers in Buenos Aires province will present a court measure that will try to "stop" the increase in tariffs announced yesterday by the national government. This was confirmed by the San Martin communist leader, Gabriel Kathopodis, who accused the Maureshi administration of having "no record of reality" and pointed out that he is currently analyzing whether the motion will be a ban or ban.

"It's about 40 mayors may be united in one presentation," Katopodis said during an interview by Foreign Minister Millenium, in which he noted that the intention of the communal commander to "state" the allegations against the increase "disproportionately and irrational" in the rates of public services.

The announcements announced by the executive yesterday will shake the taxpayers' pockets and are above the parity rate closed this year to face the domestic economy next year. The increase in public transport tickets is about 40 percent; one of the light will be 55 percent in two parts, the first (43) in March, and the rest in August. The gas has an increase of 35, while water will increase by 50 percent.

One of the grounds for questioning the legality of the tariff modifications is that its announcement "is not in accordance with the necessary condition for the public hearing". It is therefore necessary to define the most cruel kind of resources to "put a stop to this decision is brutal". The increase "will hit families who have to pay with the same pocket," because "salaries have not increased or they will increase in that percentage," he explained.

For its part, Hulingham Mayor Huangi Zabaleta said some of his peers will meet tomorrow to discuss what kind of presentation will be "to end this madness at multiple increases, which then shift to services that provided by the municipalities. "

"If gas increases, if oil rises, medical supplies, as well as salaries need to increase as they should," he is an example during an interview with AM 530, in which he accused the Cambiemes government of "not thinking about the growth of the economy neither in the work nor in the reduction of debt, but in the two challenges that the President has: it does not hinder Argenitina and that there are no more exchanges. "

It is not the first time that the intentions of the contourbane are united to get him to the checkpoint to the extent that he checks the pockets of the workers. In October, they filed a amparo record against the retroactive increase in gas that the energy secretary, Javier Iguacel, wanted to make users pay for the losses the distributors had as a result of the devaluation of the dollar against the dollar.

Some did something similar in 2016 with respect to the electricity rate in their districts. Veronica Magariot, the intention of La Matanza, gave her the initial blow, followed by those of Ituzaigo, Berazagegui and Almirante Brown.

Unlike these two times, this time is more ecumenical, both in terms of the amount and the membership of the intentions of different branches of the PJ. What happens is that "the government pulls the rope and abuses the patience of the people," Katopodis said.

"What is the point of hitting a decaying economy?" Asked the San Martin Mayor, "for which this government has no rest in parties, nor in a context that is complicated as if we have suffered." "There appear to be four or five boys in the tower in the city of Buenos Aires, who come together in the morning to reflect how they are turning people's lives on."

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