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Closer and closer, Diego – 11/30/2013

El Dorado de Maradona defeated Atletico San Luis 1-0 and was one step away from securing the Ascent MX group. Ah, Pelusha was ejected to fight the rival's rival team and miss the return.

Dorado lives a unique moment in his history, with Diego Armando Maradona in the reserve bench. And as if this was not enough, the results continue to accompany those of Sinaloa: won 1-0 in Atletico San Luis in the first part of the final to increase the top category Aztecs. If he succeeds to maintain his advantage as a visitor, he will be measured by the champion of the tournament from the first semester to determine whether he will hit the jump or not.

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Edson Rivera scored in the 75th minute for Kuliakan, but the most prominent moment, as it often happens, was stolen from Pelussa. What happened? In the rebate, Vinicius Angulo fell into the rival area. While there was no mistake, Maradona left for the referee and exclaimed Alfonso Sosa, a coach of San Luis.It cost expulsion, so he will not be on the return next week.

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Diego, celebrating the triumph. (EFE / Juan Carlos Cruz)

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