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Christina is not sincere as Moreno and Lilita – 26.04.2015

There is a phrase between Christina's many books that portray Christine what she is. Show your contempt for democracy and worse, shows how much democracy understands: good that can be manipulated according to one's own needs.

He says he explains why he did not put Macri in the presidential group: "Todo Cambiemoos wanted to give that photo to the Maqri command because he was not another president." Every other president was given the band. She was not president. She was and is Christina.

Follow the explanation: "It was Christina; it was a mare, arrogance, authoritarian, populist in the act of teaching." He simply would not have said he was equal with Evita. He did not give the group to show the surrender picture. A warlike term that applies to those who are defeated in war. Not for presidents who will end their mandate. In this country there was a paradigmatic lecture: that of General Menendez before the English in Malvinas.

Christina believes that democracy is represented only by it. If you want, whatever you want, your democracy is the only good, and others, the chaos of Makri. The title of the book is Sincerely. They are revelations or confessions that he has decided to keep up to this election moment. He did not use Morena's way of honesty, which called to steal or steal again, but with codes or Lillita Carrio, rejoicing at De La Sot's death.

Look, too

If she did not write, as it seems to be evident, the book is written by someone very close who interprets it and knows its thought. And he wrote in the language of the militant professor of social science. Honestly contempt for the democratic game and also a bad and prejudiced vision of politics: the Colon Theater is an oligarchy, so it refused to visit it. The national chains were only because the hegemonic media did not report on the achievements of their government.

Christina decided not to tell the truth, much less. He gets medals all the time, except in a pact with Iran. There he says that Nisman was Stiso and that they did not make a difference between the two men and that they were preparing a trap to throw him away when he left the presidency. "The illusion of signing the Memorandum and imagining the photo of an Argentine judge in charge of the case sitting in Tehran, taking the statement from the defendant, was today, I can confirm, real naivety "The bugs are binding on everyone, but it's very much called naivety, nothing short of secret negotiations with Amia's blowing in the middle.

Look, too

In another recent book, How Democracy Dies, two Harvard professors give three clues to recognize the authoritarian one. They do not respect democracy, they take opponents as enemies and encourage or tolerate some form of violence. Christina, that identity is short. On Thursday, at the same Fair of Literature, where she will present, the Christianist group saved Avellouto, secretary of culture. He turned his back and showed that he did not care what he said. Listening to him meant teaching. That's in Christina's handbook.

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