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China says it's still colder on the moon than we thought – BGR

China's Chang's mission 4 was a thrilling success for the country's space agency, and a number of "first" celebrations have already been celebrated, including the first man who performs a soft landing on the far side of the moon.

The outside of the moon – that is, the side we never see here on Earth when we look at the sky – has not been studied with details as a near side. One of the things that the scientists wanted to observe is how much a cold hunter and his rover you will get when you hold the lunar night, and now we know.

Talking to China Xinhua researchers from the National Space Administration in China have found that temperatures recorded by machines are significantly lower than predicted. During the lunar night it was cold as -310 degrees Celsius (-190 degrees Celsius).

Those frigid paces are lower than what other missions found on the opposite side of the moon, and Chinese scientists believe that the composition of the surface can play a role.

"It's probably due to the difference in the Moon's composition between the two sides of the moon," Zhang He told CNSA Xinhua.

Chang's editing 4 and its rover companion have already achieved much in the short time on the surface of the moon, but their work has not yet been done. The machines will continue to observe the surface of the moon, as well as cosmic radiation and space time.

The biggest challenge for China's advancement will be the successful completion of its mission Chang's 5, which will send a janitor on the moon's surface to take a sample of its material before going to Earth. This mission is likely to be many more months, but the Chinese space agency is moving at a dangerous pace since the end, and is expected to start before the end of the year.

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