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Child abuse evidence that Michael Jackson hid in the Neverland building

Secret wardrobe with toys of all kinds intended for seduction of children. In November 2003, when Los Angeles police fired at Neverland, Michael Jackson's magnificent hideout in California, they found terrible objects: pictures of naked teenagers, pornography, and enough material to be charged with child abuse. After the premiere of the powerful documentary Remaining Neverland, which focuses on the testimonies of two men who described in detail how the "King of Pop" abused them when they were children, now re-sailed images that showed the inadequate events that took place at the corners of the property, yet still for sale.

The police report – which was released 13 years after the attack – was described one by one, the objects found in the dwelling, among which you can see pictures of totally naked teenagers and pornographic material for minors and adults. In every room and property space they found incriminating material against the author of "Thriller", who always denied the accusations against him.

The pictures come from a video filmed by the authorities when they performed an impressive operation at Jackson's famous building. At least 70 agents have entered the property to look for evidence of pedophilia.

Ron Zonen, who worked at the Santa Barbara County Attorney's office, told Radar Online that Jackson used some of the materials to "grab" the children who were preparing for sexual abuse of them. Zonen said at least five children filed appeals against the late singer. "I have no doubt in my mind that Michael Jackson was guilty of child abuse. "

According to statements by authorities in charge of the investigation of the idol, the found objects were "related to their plan to mislead young boys, they were evidence of their methods."

Jackson acquired the property of 1114 square meters in 1988 and called it "Neverland" in honor of Peter Pan's imaginary world, in which children do not grow.

Apart from pornography and books and magazines with naked teenagers and sadomasochists, they found a secret room hidden behind the closet. Hidden in the back of the apartment, Neverland Ranch, Jackson designed inhidden and insured ompartimento, so that only those that are arranged. There were three locks that were sufficiently protected to maintain privacy. Inside, you can observe all the elements. A true museum meant for children who spent much of their time together with Jackson.

The film, directed by Dan Reed, is focused on the testimonies of Wade Robson and James Safif, which ensure that the author of "Thriller" He harassed them when they were children. Robson was 7 years old, while Safechuck was 10 when they met the singer.

James Safechuck names one by one on the premises of the building where Jackson allegedly abuses. He assures that the first abuses were in hotel rooms, but when the singer bought Neverland, it became easier for him to carry out the aggressions. Practically, the entire property had beds hiding places, so that Jackson could make any abuses without being detected.

The pop star died on June 25, 2009 in Los Angeles, at the age of 50. He was never convicted of pedophilia accusations. To avoid a verdict, he reached various millionaire settlements with families who accuse him of inappropriate crime.

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