Saturday , August 15 2020

Chevrolet suspends delivery of new Onyx for fire risk: two already burned | Kuyo's diary

One month ago, in Brazil, Chevrolet launches new generation of Onyx and already had to suspend shipments due to fire risk out of a problem with the engine, besides listing all the new owners in bulk.

"Under very specific conditions of atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature, relative humidity and fuel composition, unlikely combined conditions, engine management software may eventually fail, with risks of engine damage and potential fire ", They explained to Chevrolet Brazil through an "urgent" statement sent to a dealer network.

So far, Brazilian media reported Two new generations of Chevrolet Onix on fire: one in the yard of the Gravacic factory (Rio Grande do Sul) and the other in which he plays a client.

On the new Onyx Plus (that is the sedan version because the five doors are not yet launched) burned in Gravic, Chevrolet said: "It was an isolated case, caused by a factor that had nothing to do with the design of the vehicle," but did not explain the actual a motive for a "subject".

The other Onyx Plus on fire that was shot rose to fame because its owner registered it with a mobile phone camera. The pictures show the car starting to catch fire from the engine and ending, after a while, practically burning.

"I could feel the noise in the engine. Noise like a little explosion. I stopped the car and when I lifted the hood I saw the flames. I only had time to grab the backpack that was in the boot. Then the fire was total. I bought this car a week ago, "said Clayton James, owner of Burning Onyx Plus, in a dialogue with Brazilian journalist Maritonio Dantas.

So far, Chevrolet has announced it All units already delivered will change engine management software "to eliminate risk". In turn, he warned that "in order to minimize the impact on customers", they would have vehicles for rent indefinitely.

The new Chevrolet Onix Plus will go on sale in Argentina. The Golden Bow confirmed this for the last quarter of the year locally. So far, a local subsidiary has confirmed to TN Autos that this situation will not affect the launch of our market.

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