Wednesday , May 12 2021

Chaqueño Palavecino ended in controversy over the comment

The musician commented on the tattoo of a chronicler on the shoulders and caused a strong controversy in social networks. The host of the program released it.

Chakenjo Palavequino was preparing to give a note when he sketched a phrase from a chronicler's tattoo site.

The statements of the musician caused rejection in social networks and caused the host to release the program where the event occurred.
The situation took place in the presentation of the Summer Festivals in Cordoba where, before starting with a note on air, Chakenjo mentioned the tattoo that Ivana Freitag had on his back: "And when I ask you, there are no beds I'm not traveling …" , he said, creating a laughter of the journalist and others.

While there were no reactions from news producers at that time, a few hours later, Guadalupe Zamar pleaded with strong denial.

"Those of us who have made notes to this artist, we know about his tendency to withdraw his marked sexism. Unfortunately, we are accustomed to moving in that environment and knowing as a caller of the figure, we usually did not decide to put it on our own place, "Zamar said on Facebook.

The full text uploaded by your host on your Facebook account:

Last Tuesday, while I was running the news of the Central Chronicle, I experienced a situation in which I did not know how to react properly. And the understanding that I am a communicator, I think I should make a reflection and public self-criticism.

On a live mobile, a great companion interviewed Chuckeno Palavekino during the presentation of the Summer Festivals. Who made notes for this artist, we know about his tendency to withdraw his marked sexism. Unfortunately, we are accustomed to moving in that environment and knowing as a caller of the figure, we usually do not want to put it in its place.

Paradoxically, as a journalist I have to tell situations of harassment and sexism, and from my training I tried to do it with a critical eye, which is not easy. Many times I complained that before I understood the macho, before a cry of harassment. I have many times joined Ni Ni Menos to interrupt these misogynistic practices.

But despite all of this, on Tuesday I was directly testifying to a situation of verbal and public harassment and frankly, the situation paralyzed me. I felt an accomplice. As a communicator I did not know what to say or how to defend my partner whom I saw absolutely exposed. The phone went on, my professional partner progressed with the note. I understand that he must not know how to act at the moment of the adrenaline and have a live note in the air.

My cell phone was closed, I mentioned the old Chaqueño, and nothing else. But the object did not stop spinning in my head. I should have been energetic, to say what I thought, at the risk that anger would overtake me and leave my role as a politically correct communicator.

Analyzing the cold situation, I realize that I could choose not to say anything, let it go. But it feels wrong and fundamentally irresponsible. Chaqueño Palavecino was untamed and announced his hit again and WE DO NOT do anything to stop him.

Nor was there a productive meeting later to analyze the situation, and no one seemed to notice it. Fortunately there are careful colleagues who helped me make a decision to do something, even if it was this post. The afternoon is better than ever.

These things can no longer paralyze us. We can not keep silent. It can not give it the same. It deeply insults me that a person who believes in superiority can make a lewd, abusive and sexist comment to another person, especially when that other person is a worker who does his job.

I apologize for not having a public escrachado and I have no repudiado with greater firmness at the moment of the terrible attitude of Chaqueño Palavecino.

These things should not continue to cross! NO SOURCE!

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