Monday , May 17 2021

Chaco: The body found in the Resistance field is the one of Angelina Caceres

Chaco: The body found in the Resistance field is the one of Angelina Caceres

The only detainee is a man who communicated with her through social networks and quotes him on a square in the capital of that province.

Chaco's General Prosecutor, Francisco de Obladia Eyseric, confirmed that the body found on Friday in an open area in the southern Resistance is Angelina Caceres. The 13-year-old girl disappeared from December 23rd. His father also identified clothes like those that the girl wore on the last day they saw him alive.

Security forces found the body this morning after triangulation of mobile phones narrowing the search range, and from that moment they analyzed the remains to confirm their identity. According to local media reports, the hull would have been in the same place for more than 20 days.

This morning, the police and the girl's family arrived in Kale 25 (Lynch Arribalzaga), about 800 meters from the National Highway. The juvenile's mother experienced a nervous crisis and had to help him.

"I want to point out that today it is clearly established that 95% of the autopsy and dental reports indicate that it is Angelina." The father could also confirm his daughter's clothes, "said De Obaldija Eyseric at a press conference.

In the investigation into the murder of Angelina, the prosecutor said: "The information we have about the expertise of Jorge Perrlta's phone (the only detainee and chief suspect) is clear. We managed to get strong information through the GPS." In addition, he added: "No I can assure the participation of a second or third person in it. The investigation is open and we do not exclude anything. "

She disappeared from December 23

The teenager left her home in the neighborhood of Juan Bautista Alberdi to go to the Evangelical Church on December 23 afternoon and they did not see her again. Shortly after arresting Jorge Peralta, a young man of 21 who communicated with her through social networks. The peralta was quoted in the square.

The provincial government offered a 250,000-peso prize for giving specific information to help find where the girl is. There were several marches looking for a girlfriend, called by organizations that defend the rights of women and teachers from the school for which she was a student.

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