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Ceche Bonnelly recalled his mother's appearance in the near-life crash: "She saved me"

Ceche Bonnell starred in one of the most emotional moments of last Saturday 's broadcast OK, we can talk. The driver left the cycle driver, Andy Kusnetsoff, and to other guests without words when revealed the appearance of his mother Maria del Carmen in a car accident that almost cost him his life.

The incident happened while traveling in a van from his hometown of San Nicolas to Buenos Aires. "I bent over to look for money to pay the toll I dropped. I was flying, I was on the bench and the wheels were slipping. It was huge, the steering wheel was on its own, I saw trucks coming from the opposite hand and I started turning. He said, 'God, please, I don't want to die,' "Ceche recalled of his life-long misfortune.

In that sense, the wife of Dario Schwittich He continued his story: "At one point the car stopped and a photo of my mother and granddaughter was dropped, carrying it in the umbrella. The first picture I saw was that of my mother. I felt the smell of burning, the car was in total destruction. People who stopped helping me said, "This girl didn't come out alive." I remained unharmed and was sent the next day. "

Ceche's mother died of cancer in 2008, and the accident happened several months later. "I think my mom saved me: I opened my eyes and the first picture I saw was hers. After that accident I tattooed 'my angel& # 39; Because as she was going through the last minute of her illness and we already knew what was going to happen, I asked her to take care of me when she was no longer with me in this green environment. And he told me yes i trust her because she will always be with me. I have no doubt she saved me. "

Last year in an interview with It came for you, for the WHO, Chechnya was excited when she talked about her mother and said, "I feel like he's there all the time, taking care of me and my daughters. Lupe (one of his daughters) knows that he has a grandmother named Carmen in heaven, a grandfather named Carlitos, who is Dario's father, who is also in heaven. I wonder thousands of times how nice it would be for my mom to enjoy her daughters, but at the same time I think at some point she has to prepare for what's going on in her life, she has something to do. I lost my mom very young, and I learned to live without her, but I am also a believer and I think at some point we will meet"

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