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Carina La Princesita accused a journalist of harassing her – April 26,

Carina La Princesita attacked a journalist whom she accused him of scoffing for a long time, and she treated him as a hypocrite when he saw that he was now talking about bullying.

It should be remembered that a few days ago, the daughter of Karina and Polish -Sol, eleven years old – She touched everyone when she posted a video on Instagram against those who harass her through social networks.

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On Twitterangry Karina he wrote: "What hypocrisy is to see that people laughing at me and others in a harsh and abusive way, touch their program subject to harassment with bitterness." "Apart from touching the matter with respect, you need to start at home." The change begins with one also, right? "

Photo Stock Karina The Little Princess.

Photo Stock Karina The Little Princess.

And he continued to attack the journalist: "Who leads in 2013 made a report AM he mocked me, in harsh, violent, abusive and humiliating … and today, as if nothing had touched those questions. What hypocrisy! It would be good to play those songs that we apologize. We can have mistakes and changes, right? "

In the middle of his twitter catharsis, The little princess He made a clarification: "Before the abusers say how susceptible it is, it is bitter (as it happened) to explain this: dissatisfaction: a feeling of enmity, anger, anger towards someone / something for insult or harm.: Ability to remember , that's not dissatisfaction, it's memory. "

After several tweets, the tropical singer had no problem saying it his diatribe was against journalist Augusto Tartufuli, better known as "Tartu".

And he went straight to him: "Mr. Tartu, you are one of the many that I have something to say to you. Because I am generous and want to talk about bullying in your program, I offer you material, with a clear example of bullying and violence that you do yourself."

To the text, Karina paste a link to a video to show it Tartu I would have forced him to harass. But his followers promptly warned him that the video is no longer available on YouTube. Then, inexorable, she wrote: "Well, I'll tell you! I was fat, fat, bitch, ignorant, laughed, mocked and saddened, he was believed to be hilarious, when he gave it,"

When a follower asked him if he had taken legal action at the time, Karina the Little Princess He replied: "I did not take legal action, nor will I do it first, because justice already has too much to worry about. Second, because my goal is not to use this. I do not tolerate hypocrisy. And I assure you that what I do, many people feel stronger than they do or pass like me. "

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