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Caniggia pronoun el el Superclásico: "Es un 50 y 50"

Claudio Paul Caniggia, a suite of grand trails in the Selección, south of the River and in Boca. Here's a look at some of the interesting concepts and resources available in the Copa Libertadores.

"There is only one tactic, one estrategia, one individual and one part, no other than the one that runs the auto, but more than just the pass. The file is partially unavailable. How do I prepare a pronto? digo 50 y 50 ", expresó en diálogo con Libero.

Y agregó: "This is a Superclásico y puede pasar de cualquier cosa. The goal of the visit is to have a lot of top priority, but all of this is not guaranteed to be desirable."

Check out the Gustavo Alfaro, Cani banco al DT and también analysis: "Gallardo directs a River to and fro; Boca cambio techno, Alfaro's vineyard, and some of the only southerners in disposition. El tecnico es el To decide. Aunque guste un juego más que el otro no guarantee of the result acompañe. There is no point in going to the primo in the camp, is in the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores, as if it were a gran mérito de Alfaro "

El Pájaro has a parallel: "Del Atlético del Cholo Simeone is coming to mismo. It has no weather, no weather, no espionage and no contraception. No embargo is available for any club with no air conditioning. años ".

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