Thursday , January 21 2021

Cande Tinelli and her super sexy look with a very short dress with clean foils

The girl shares a fun video dancing in which she wears a firm and very sensual outfit.

Cande Tinelli and her sexy gaze on pure foils on Instagram

The eclectic style of Cande Tinelli (28) to dress to make clothes with rocky prints, and others with a strong street component or others with more glamorous veins. Now the designer showed her all her sensuality.

Daughter of Marcelo Tinelli was on Instagram moving about the camera and wearing a solid white outfit that highlighted for its light and transparency. Tattoos from his body, as well as his underwear, had all their importance in his featured appearance.

"The hole under the bosom," Kend writes, amused by repeating the problem with a little sewing that had his clothes. 10 in sensuality and attitude!

Look at the sexy look of Cande Tinelli in Instagram, full of banners.

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