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Cabito cut 115 kilograms of gastric bypass and now has to regain weight: "By separating and getting out of" Enough of everything, "I got into anorexic depression"

"I was operated on farts, because if I did not die, I do not like it, I'm very stupid, my nose is broken and I was waiting in the operating room, but I went to another door."

Eduardo Massa Alcantara, better known as Cabito, the gastric bypass was performed in March 2017 on the doctor's proposal and because he knew that if he continued to increase his weight, his life was at risk. Humor is measured 194 kg When he met his doctor and, according to his story, he reached 100 pounds "it was a dream." But his doctor, analyzing the Cabito measures 1.84 metersHe told her that her ideal weight should be 85.

By almost two years-20 months to be more accurate-from that operation for which he was preparing for 40 days in which he had just made a liquid diet, he is below his ideal weight and needs to gain weight.

"Already by myself, because I have a stomach of a boy of three years, and with the things that happened to me, the partition and the exit of the program, I started more. I do not want to put it in conditions of depressive anorexia, but it is a kind of anorexia"explains the comedian Teleshow.

"Now I tie 79, but I have 6 kilograms of skin, which is not fat, so I have to weigh 73 kilograms, my ideal weight is 85, and I'm 79, five or six pounds below., details and adds that he has a group of doctors and nutritionists who "follow him closely" to increase.

Unlike what he did "all his life", who tested countless diets, the humorist is now in the treatment to gain weight and to regain the weight he has lost. "I also trained five times a week, and that was forbidden to me", says who stopped eating dietary foods: "If I can not eat, as a whole yogurt with cereals. Something that's easy and makes me eat"

"It's all an internship, I was able to eat six empanades after the operation, one and a half, but now I do not finish it, and I do not eat meat because it's too hard," he says about the changes in his routine. food

Regarding the skin that is left, the humorist says that it is just aesthetic and that it is afraid of surgery, which, for now, does not want to pass through the operating room. "Being the size 32 of the trousers, it's already a Milagro. L (large) in T-shirts, "he says and regrets – in a way – the money he spent" in the mid to half "shift to buy belts, pants and more clothes he had to buy.

What did you do with what is great now? "I donated," he says, adding: "There are not so nice clothes here for obese people, maybe I had the opportunity to travel and buy more stuff from the chancellors".

Your exit from It's all about everything

However, he clarifies that there are suggestions from the station to continue in another program, but he has not yet made any agreements. "Honestly, I thought it was not important to anyone, but after the editor of Matthias on Monday I had to turn off the mobile phone," he says.

"While in the media, I feel like I am Four drinks"adds who wants to return to making TV.

Awareness message

"If they make me for every note, a fat man is being driven, we have already saved our lives," said Kabito. "Obesity is a disease and many people think that the obese is because they want, they need a lot of help and I got it from who my partner was at that moment, and my family, nobody else," he explains.
"Then, over time, there are Coca-Cola that want to give up doing things that they did not really do, but it's with everyone, not in me, I know the truth, then, there are many people who want to give up my weight change … ", rebukes the one who finds that part of the fact that he can stay after surgery is not to drink alcohol:" I almost do not drink before, and now, I take very little. "

While defining his future career, the comedian already has projects outside the field, due to the economic crisis that is experienced in the country and in the media. He studied cooking and now advises gastronomic in the brewery, a restaurant in a hamburger in Lanús and works on the restaurant menu that opens to Costanera.

Your partner and friend is the famous chef Roberto Pini. "We cook together and set up the menu, so that after another chef we will take him to a place, I will cook in some way.

"There is a big crisis in the media, I have been seeing it for some time now, so I cooked and studied other things," he says, who admits he lost his jobs because of his obesity: "No one will take responsibility because I talked about it, but the idiots did it when I was young, big, on TV …".

Years passed, generations and media changed the profile. "Today there are more fat drivers and more space," said Cabito, who knew how to be aware on time and to be brave, from where he did not believe that it should be managed.

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