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Bonadio ordered the removal of artworks from Christina Kirchner's department

December 28, 2018

Police took 33 pictures left in the building after the raids in August last year.

Within the cause of notebooks for bribes, ordered federal judge Claudio Bonadio removed 33 paintings and works of art from the former president Christina Kirchner in the district of Recoleta.

Federal police officers appeared in the building, located in Juncal and Uruguay, to remove elements left by last August's raids, which were authorized by the Senate. At that time, the house that was carried out by the rioters in Rio Gallegos was also raided.

The operation to remove this judicial material it ended on the 22nd of this Thursday.

Accordingly, spontaneous delivery arose, within the framework of the proclamation of the new cyin of the reason for the laptops of bribes, Juan Manuel Campillo, which provides information on the economic and personal privacy of the Kirchner family.

Campillo, who is designated as first valijero K, was a man of extreme confidence on Nestor Kirchner. He was arrested in November after the order of Bonadio after repentance, Elisabeth Ortiz Munichoi, accused him of traveling to the United States in 2016 to advise Karolina Početti, a widow of Daniel Munoz, former private secretary to Nestor Kirchner. The woman sought to get rid of the departments that she claimed was the employer in Miami, and then returned the funds abroad.

In front of prosecutor Jorge Di Lello, the woman noted that in the privacy of the designer Di Domingo "I tried to say that Campillo was a valiero and that he took money from Panama and the Virgin Islands of Kirchner". In return, contributed two bills, one in Privada Bank of Andorra and one in Switzerland, Lugano, with which the operations would be carried out.

After Campillo recalled, prosecutor Carlos Stornelli said the former Treasury Secretary of Santa Cruz contributed "Important", although he clarified that the contract must continue to be approved by Bonadio.

"We have signed an agreement that must be kept confidential until the judge involves it in the case. But the contribution is important. I do not know if Campillo personally, but he is a person who was very close to Nestor Kirchner from the start as a governor in Santa Cruz "Stoneli said.

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