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Bomb! Chlorine Vigna back with Nico Ochiato?

The rumor was released in Los Angeles in the morning, a program run by Angel de Brito.

In recent days, the world of entertainment has been surprised by the separation of one of the couples of the moment: Flor Vigna and Matti Napp. The two are partners in Dancing for a Dream, the program run by Marcelo Tinelli, where he works as a dancer with Jacuzzi Mazei while he coaches the talented and praised couple.

And though it seemed that everything was better between them, enjoying a relationship without labels but very consolidated, it was finally him who made the news of the break. In Los Angeles this Thursday, Angel de Brito and his panelists spoke on the subject, and the controversial theory surrounding Flory's possible return with his ex, Nico Ochiato, slipped.

"They came back and killed each other when the rehearsal ended. They were arguing in their homes. the coach, who rebuked him for arriving tired of rehearsals.

"The discussion goes on, the discussion comes on, there was a phrase that was deadly to Matti Napp, 'This was not happening to Nico Ochiato.' Pelotera has started, which is not finished anymore, this will be rejected, but I know it, "De Brito confirmed. "Matty Napp has another personality and another follow-up to Flory's personality. In fact, they told me yesterday that she was back with Nico Ochiato. It seemed delirium. I called Niko. He said no, that they still have a great relationship they had as friends, "commented Karina Ivikoli.

"For me they will come back. She tried to forget about Matty Napp and couldn't, "Cynthia Fernandez said of Flor and Nico, but Angel strongly denied that. "They will not return. He does not want to return. He's divine, whatever, but he doesn't want to know anything, "he said. In addition, they were convinced that Matti Nap would decide to give up the match because of his fight with Florence.

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