Friday , October 22 2021

Boca was completed for Edwin Cardona


Guillermo Barros Scalo has confirmed players who will be part of the historical definition that Copa Libertadores will be in Madrid between Boca and Reka in 2018, and the biggest surprise was that Edwin Cardona was again held even from the backup bench.

Only the Columbian, which was the key last weekend for Xeneize, was imposed on the Independent, showing that he was dying to be part of the Superfinals.

Then it became clear that, no matter what Cardona does, he does not enter the plans of Guillermo Barros Scalot every time Boca plays a defensive game.

It was also clear that, given this reality, it is unlikely that Boca would make economic efforts to compare the Columbian, which still belongs to Monterey, only when it seems that Argentine football enters an economic recession, which, far from strengthening , is called to reduce units. .

Then it seems that this week, December 9, in Madrid, Boca finished for Edwin Cardona. Damn

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