Monday , May 17 2021

Blood Moon: Theorists on plot theory say a scientific event caused by "SHADOW OBJECT"; | Science | News

The "super-blood-wolf moon" turned the night sky into a picturesque scene with a fiery red ball penetrating the night sky. This rare astronomical event occurs only when the full moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit, often appears larger and brighter than usual. However, in a post, Flat Earth Wiki argues that the moon's darkening is not caused by the shadow of the Earth, but by the "Shadow Object" that orbits too carefully.

A conspiracy theorist said: "The fact that the moon turns completely red during the lunar darkness suggests that the light of the sun flows through the greater part of the body that cuts into the path of light."

The unidentified object orbits close to our star, but scientists have never seen it, according to the theory.

Despite their ambitious claims, mysterious hunters recognize the moon and the sun as a sphere, but insist on plowing the plain above the northern survey.

He added: "Because the strong vertical rays of the sun have affected the atmosphere during the day, they will scatter and dry almost every star and sky in the sky.

"We never give an insight to the celestial bodies that appear in the vicinity of the sun during the day – they are completely scared of the sunlight."

They also claim that a mysterious subject is involved, not the country.

In another post, they say, "As for the eclipse of the moon, there is no evidence that the shadow that manifests on the moon during the lunar eclipse originates from the Earth.

"This shadow can come from every heavenly body that cuts the light between the sun and the moon."

The last blood moon for grace in the sky in the UK occurred on July 27, 2018.

The next full moon eclipse will not happen until May 26, 2021.

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