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"Black Mirror: Bandersnatch": you decide how long a movie lasts – 30/12/2013

From one moment to another he became trendy theme. There was not much to explain: simply Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is the interactive Netflix movie, and since Friday is available on the streaming platform, it's an outrage in friendly conversation and social networks.

Perhaps it has reached three terms: Netflix, Series Black Mirror and interactive to raise Bandersnatch to the boom. It is a film in which he is the spectator, according to the decisions made, who decides how the plot continues and whether it approaches the end of the film.

Or if you go back to the beginning.

The thing is that. Within a few minutes of the beginning, two options are shown at the bottom of the screen, and one must be selected with the remote control. There is a 10 seconds timer. And that depends on choosing one or the other thing.

The first question is about the type of cereals you eat at your breakfast Stephen (Fion Whithead), the main character. It may seem harmless. But it is not.

But let's go to the plot. It's 1984, and Stephen is an English programmer who wants to adapt the book with the same title of a movie on a video game. The author of the book, disturbed, finished beheading his wife.

Stephen, whom we learned sooner or later, suffered the loss of his mother as a child.

From there, and according to what we do with the remote control, we will "manage" the life of Stefan and his surroundings. From the music he wants to listen to his singer (millennials and centuries-old, careful) whether he will decide to go with his father to the psychologist on the street, or follow Colin, another star programmer (Will Willard). Also – sorry for the spoiler, if you want, leave this attitude – you need to decide if Stephen does or does not use a cure, and if he jumps out of the balcony, or the one who jumps is Colin, I'll kill my dad or not, and Do it if you bury it or cut it to pieces.

And be careful, because sometimes it seems that the end of the film has been achieved. And do not follow

There is a television show that will nervously reveal whether the video gene is good or not, and when we finish saying that we know that we choose an "incorrect" option, if possible, we will live again and we will see familiar situations.

They say the movie can last, at best, 90 minutes (or up to 2 and a half hours, and there are 5 different endings). Bach, the best is relative, because I suppose there will not be much grace or enjoy everything that is linear.

Of course it's convenient to see Black Mirror: Bandersnatch at least two. Who should be blamed when the decision was not "correct"?

By the way, the vision of Bandersnatch it's more experience than anything else, and it can sometimes get irritated (Stefan himself warns that he has no control over his life …). And there is no shortcut: you can pause, but the bar below tells us how long it will be before it's over, because, once again, that's what someone decides with his choices. They say they shot a total of five hours in order to arm with patience.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch


Suspension USA, 2018. SAM 16. From: David Slade. By: Fiona Whitehead, Craig Parkinson. Available in: Netflix.

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