It was in June of the previous year when Bethesda Softworks, responsible for the franchise Consequences, sued Warner Bros. about the game on Westworld. The study in Maryland claimed that the mobile title was "plagiarism" on Shelter for decline. After half a year of dispute, both sides reached a peace deal.

Although the terms of the agreement were not disclosed, they mentioned in Bethesda it was a "friendly" and short resolution. On December 12, the two companies informed the federal court that they had solved the problem. In addition, the plaintiff rejected his request with prejudice, so they will not submit the same protests.

It is important to remember that the situation was not only due to the great kinship between the two games. Behavior interactively, Canadian studio in charge of the Westworld game, previously participated in the development of Shelter for decline. Bethesda assured him they used the same code of their work, which was legally registered.

Interestingly, the bug that was present in the first versions of Shelter for decline He also appeared in Warner's video game. "They copy the features and mechanics of Shelter for decline and camouflage them with the help of a visual change to suit the franchise, "they claimed at the time.

The US manufacturing company was not long to come up with an answer, arguing that the accusations were "surprising", but they were not proven. They always denied copying the code. Although at the beginning it seemed that the final resolution would be serious for Warner, now the two companies will follow their own way without any problem. At that time, Shelter for decline It was one of the most popular mobile games, it is normal to find dozens of clones in the moment.