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Benefits and Cons of the Famous Flash Diet

It turns out to be an expensive pocket plan and a little recommended by specialists.

"The Flash diet will be included in the miracle diet list and make official statements outside the law, as it promises to eliminate the feeling of hunger and provides a monthly loss of 7 to 10 kg per month. That's why it's part of our ranking of the five least recommended diets, "said Ruben Bravo, a spokesman for the European Obesity Medical Institute (IMEO).

All protein cutting diets, based on ketosis weight loss, with or without the use of protein meal substitutes, come mainly from France.

"It is a phase-based regime based on protein products, which is why it is based on a very expensive diet and is not suitable for all budgets. Nothing new is really invented; protein-based ketogenic diets, based on products sold by many brands, have been marketed for decades and have proved ineffective in the medium and long term, ”says Bravo, adding that they are designed to“ make money ”with minimal effort. from the Therapist, with whom they are really profitable – great income in a short time.

The Flash diet is divided into three perfectly designed phases:

Very restrictive first phase designed to induce protein-based ketosis in the patient, reduce fat and eliminate fruit, grains, legumes. It seeks to avoid malnutrition based on more food supplements such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids. This phase is not healthy for the body, it has important side effects such as constipation, bad breath, headache, extreme hunger and dry skin.

The second phase, where a very small amount of natural foods are gradually incorporated, still maintains a large number of proteins and multivitamin products. Fat (healthy or not) remains overly restricted, such as fruits, legumes or whole grains and their derivatives.

In the third phase, we try to reverse the metabolic catastrophe created by trying to avoid the returning effect, the anxiety-induced peaks, the loss of massive muscle mass and the tendency of our body to store, in the form of body fat, healthy carbohydrates and fat intake in a healthy diet.

What a New Flash Flash Diet Adds or Changes ”

After the first book on the Flash diet, the second includes a new five-dose food replacement update, reducing them to the next phases and a few recipes to make this "social anti-life diet, not healthy and returning, more accessible." . almost assured, "says a member of the European Obesity Medical Institute.

Nutritional deficiencies and health risks

According to Bravo, "Certainly this type of diet can cause nutritional deficiencies, so try to avoid it by adding a significant amount of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in the form of pills."

The expert cites a significant list of health risks from the Flash diet:



Dry skin

Hair loss

Kidney problems


Promotes eating disorders

Bounce effect

Loss of muscle mass

Anxiety attacks


Learn to eat and that learning takes a lifetime

Bravo reminds you that learning to eat is to have a meal plan tailored to each patient's personal characteristics, designed to maintain and prevent optimal health and proper body composition.

"When the habit goes deep, appropriate decisions are made in the area of ​​food without having the feeling that it is a diet" but simply taking care of yourself, "says an IMEO spokesman. "Every long-term plan must take into account social life, food taste, schedules and constraints, and learning the basic concepts of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in order to not only take care of yourself but also guide others." , he concludes.

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