Sunday , August 1 2021

Battlefield V with graphing rays on graphics cards without RT cores

On ray tracing was a great argument for NVIDIA to promote its GeForce RTX 20 series, although the truth is that other achievements such as Good softening DLSS They also represent an important value, especially to improve the performance they achieve.

Since the release of the GeForce RTX 20 Series NVIDIA, it was highlighted that the monitoring of the rays was very difficult rendering method, and that was not something that we can work without problems on a graphics card without RT cores, something that has been called into question today, as several users confirm that they were able to execute the V battlefield by tracing the rays activated in GTX TITAN V.

Screen display with beam monitoring activated in GTX TITAN V

GTX TITAN V is a graphics card based on Volta architecture, which NVIDIA has developed Turing architecture. This graphics card has no RT cores, but there are 640 teen cores dedicated to artificial intelligence and deep learning tasks.

In 3DCenter forums, they published a broad topic related to the issue, explaining that Battlefield V's DX-R mode (tracking traces) can be activated in the GTX TITAN V, which the system believes we have a RTX model. I know what you think, and what happens when you do not have RT cores? So, RayXpling, extension of the DirectX 12 API, cares that everything works through software.

Battlefield V with ray tracing on GTX TITAN V

We might think that they had to do all the work through software and do not have the support of the RT core that NVIDIA so much the results will be very bad, but nothing can be beyond reality. GTX TITAN V achieves slightly lower averages (between 10% and 20% less) to those of the RTX 2080 TI by tracking the rays activated in Battlefield V.

NVIDIA did not comment on it, but all this makes us wonder how the RT core plays the role when we activate a ray of rays in the games. Perhaps the latest updates have reduced the graphic quality from this effect that even the GTX TITAN V can move smoothly, but while we do not have more information, it's impossible to predict something.

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