Sunday , April 11 2021

Barracas Central eliminated Tate for defensive horror

The union lost the minimum against Barakas Central and was eliminated from Copa Argentina. It's another blow in the same month that was staying out of South America.

It is clear that if the ball does not provide victory of the game. The ownership of the ball, but without being productive, leads to nothing. The union, in front of the Central barracks was that, a team without changing the pace, safe.

Those of Leonardo Madelón are wielding the ball, but they are not trying to force the rival defending, but they did it all by themselves.

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In a completely unexpected game, the ball that had to be controlled by Nereo Fernandez ended with a goal. The center on the right-hand side of the attack made goalkeeper Tateenge come out to reduce, but felt the contact from the rival's rival team and naively believed that the referee would miss, the game continued with the ball on the pitch, forward Luciano Romero Defined by a blank bow and put 1-0 on the board.

With 0-1, the Union was crushed. Nervousness prevailed and he is not controlled. This allowed Barakas to grow and also to dance with desperation on Tatenge.

Annoyance did not allow the Union to look for ways to achieve equality at first.

Second time:

As in the first part, Barracas Central was dedicated to waiting for the Union. Let it progress in the field and stay with large spaces in the background. In each against, they played hand-to-hand with Union headquarters that suffer, and many when they attack them that way. I present "intelligent" to those of Salvador Daniele.

Beyond any other occasion, Tatang failed to reach a tie and suffered another heavy blow in the big competition. Another blow to the Madelon team's aspirations, which was out of two cups in the same month.

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This defeat, taking into account the hierarchy and category of rival, but also from the goal came, would be very painful for the world of the Union. Now, you just need to think about the Superleague Cup.

Post-match of Leonardo Madeleine:

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