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Back to Stornelli: Kasation rejects his challenge against referee Ramos Padilla in the espionage case

It was decided by Room II of the country's highest criminal court. This is the first request for a request that attempted to remove the judge from the file.

April 17, 2019

The rebel federal prosecutor Carlos Stonelli suffered a new crash. This Wednesday, the Federal Criminal Procedure Code declared the appeal of an appeal brought by the defense of Stopnelli unacceptable and confirmed the federal judge of Dolores, Alejo Ramos Padilla, at the head of the investigation that uncovered a parastatal spy network.

Court, composed of judges Angela Ledesma, Guillermo Jakobouchi and Alejandro Slocar, resolved with a majority rejection of the appealagainst the resolution of the Federal Court of Appeal Mart del Plata, which did not lead to the challenge raised by Ramos Padilla. For the judges of the highest criminal court has no effect on any constitutional guarantee. The situation was analogous to that of the precedents "De Vido" and "Balcedo".

Slocar, who led the contract, stressed the lack of justification of the lodged appeal, failed to undermine the rationale of the chamber, not to refute its foundations.


Among other things, he noted that the applicant failed to prove that the violation of the constitutional guarantee was confirmed or the conditions imposed by the Supreme Court of Justice.

In addition, he had subscribed that the motion had been rejected by the judge, and then it was confirmed by the appeal "to provide arguments in both cases".

For his part, Judge Guillermo Jacobuchi adhered to his colleague and emphasized the lack of finality of the sentence, and that the subject under consideration concerned exclusively the attempt and is not a matter of competition that has been raised in another incidence.

The inadequate point was Ledesma, who realized that she carefully considered the question asked to open the appeal to hear the parties.

In this way, he died with the first attempt by Shornneli to lead Ramos Padilla from an investigation that stripped a gang of intelligence officers who committed illegal spying tasks against politicians and businessmen.

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