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Ashton Kutcher, a proficient technology tycoon who still does not find his place in the cinema

Ashton Kutcher he became famous with comedy It's 70th show . It is possible that very few know that at the moment it is businessman and very important. The former teenage girl and the current husband of Mila Kunis is Positioned skillfully in the Silicon Valley and today is a technology investor with great success and millions of dollars on your bank account. But this event did not reach the cinema: He has not released a film since 2014 and his series Ranch in Netflix talk very little.

In recent years, the "lovable Hollywood guy" has shown that his business sense is more than remarkable. In 2011, he created a risk fund, A-grade investment, with Ron Burkel and Gay Osarey, a former Madonna and U2 representative. A-Unit invested in several startups for technology, such as Spotify, Airbnb, Fab, Dwolla, Uber, Pinterest and Shazam.

Kutcher, one of the highest-paid television actors in the world, can obviously afford the most significant luxury of celebrities in Los Angeles: car and driver. But he chooses he chooses the desire. Five years ago, he and Oseari invested US $ 500,000 in road transport applications. EYour participation is now worth 100 times more than what you pay.

In 2018, along with Ossei, they invested in Ripple platform. To promote the system they made an investment 4 million dollars in Ripple coins (XRP) to the Wildlife Fund, the basis of the comedian Ellen DeGeneres

XRP is a digital currency that was launched in 2012 and is used to carry out transactions worldwide. It is one of the most valuable cryptographies on the market, behind Bitcoin.

These investments made the star rich $ 200 million. Despite all that money, it also has a great power of influence.

But the actor is also recognized philanthropist and invests much of its wealth in the defense of the most vulnerable. Kutcher created in 2009 with Demi Moore – then his partner – the Thorn Foundation, which fight against sexual exploitation of children with software

In 2017, Kutcher appeared in the Capitol and was thrilled to have told him about his experience in 15 minutes: "As part of my human work against human trafficking, I met with victims in Russia, in India I met with the victims brought from Mexico, victims in New York, New Jersey, across the country, "he said. The protagonist of the Work places He explained that one of the tools created by Thorn, called Spotlight, It has identified 6,000 victims in just six months. "This technology can be used to enable slavery, but also to be deactivated"said the translator to parliamentarians.

In his personal life, he is also very well together Mila Kunis, whom she married in 2015 and has two children: Wyatt, three years, and Dimitri, nearly two.

Before you get married in six years with one of the most desirable movie cinemas, Demi Moore, a marriage that took place in 2005 when he was 27 years old and the actress 42. During that time, the media accused him of repeatedly seducing Moore. The relationship ended in 2013.

He also went into trouble to defend his friend and founder of Uber, Travis Kalanik. The manager was forced to withdraw from his charges of serious charges against him, as he did not oppose violent cases of sexual harassment and discrimination in the firm. "Without someone like him, the company would not be where it is. I do not know if the removal is the best answer, " Kutcher then commented.

In a crisis with acting

The last film he starred in the premiere film in 2013 and, unusually, played Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. Production has received very bad criticism, despite Kutcher's great effort to stand out.

On television, it was for three consecutive years, between 2012 and 2014, the highest paid actor thanks to his role in Two and a half men as a replacement for Charlie Sheen, who was sacked for insulting the producers of the show.

Right now he is having a good time Ranch, a modest Netflix series that produces it. But he ran out of his co-star, Dani Masterson, for several rape debates.

Kutcher was also criticized for failing to talk about the accusations against this translator, a former partner of the actor That 70s show, and exhibited at a party with him in the Napa valley.

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