Tuesday , May 11 2021

"Asco gives me everything you do …" A very strong cross between Sol Perez and Angel de Brito!

Salt Perez lives a very difficult time at the personal and work level, because what started out as a small discussion with Lourdes Sanchez has become a really hot conflict where, as the days go by, the size of the insults exchanged by all the people involved in the conflict, so much that Marcelo Tinelli tried, without luck, to end the fight.

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In short, Chato Prada's wife accused "the girl of the weather" that she wanted the death of her son, which caused enormous controversy whose center was Los Angeles de la Manna, a program of Angel de Brito, where they quickly concentrated on commenting on every spoken word and giving their opinion about it, taking the view that the sculptural dancer did not like it at all, as shown in a series of furious messages through her Twitter account.

"Lourdes Sanchez will have to retreat, to invent that I wished the baby's death to become a victim that made fun of the death of a real dog, how ugly, he used his son in this way."

"I will not allow them to put words into my mouth, which I never said, OK, but to imagine that I wish the baby's death no longer a joke, it seems to me that you live all the time covering a person who lies. mistreated the people from the bird. "

"I imagined that I attacked Chipy, I thought I said old green in the apartment, I made up audio, an invention that I did not care for my dog, and that's why he died and ridiculed the dog's death for malformation." (sic)

"When I reported a mistreatment in a program, she said:" Sol Pererez followed everyone there, always inventing, always attacking. "He interrupted with my family, mocked the dog's death, and now I thought I wanted the death of his son.

"Would you like to be connected with the desire for a baby's death and put words in your mouth that you did not say? in no way will I do it. "(sic)

The conflict has now added a new element, since Sol seriously rebuked Angel de Brito, who hesitated to answer:

what a hype gives me I take what you do. Today he treated me as a drug addict, they told me … and they entered words in my mouth, which I did not say. Besides being not tired of trying to … What a shame is that a production company has this program in the air. "

Ángel de Brito: "You do not succeed on the front brake Do not be ignorant look at it before writing out a shame. Stop for misrepresentation of everything. "

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