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Argentinean castle, star-studded guests, and 14-year-old love: all you need to know about Rafael Nadal's and Marie Perelli's lavish wedding

We've been together ever since 2005 and they will finally say "Yes, I want to". Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal and his girlfriend Maria Francisco Perelli will be declared "Man and woman" in Sa Fortaleza de Polenasa, a castle north of Mallorca which will be attended by several celebrities. After I killed 14 years, the former world number one will agree marriage with his lifelong partner, who is characterized by maintaining a very low profile all these years with one of the most famous athletes on the planet.

Shuffle and Mary (as she calls her family), who always maintained a very low profile in your relationship, Eternal love will be promised at a private ceremony in a virtually inaccessible fortress. It is an intimate and simple celebration attended by some celebrities.

Mary Pereli met Nadal in 2005, when the Spanish player had only 19 years. This woman, who does not make too many public appearances or give interviews, was born in Manor on July 7, 1988. It was Maribel Nadal, the tennis player's sister, her childhood friend, the one who played heavenly and met the two. They were friends at school La Pureza de Maria de Manacor.

Mary studied Business Administration and Management at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) and after an internship at Endesa Communication Department, in Palma de Mallorca, moved to London to work in IMG, the largest multinational on marketing Then in 2011, she was hired Malfrey, one of the companies sponsoring their partner. He is currently the Director of Strategy and Institutional Relations at Rafa Nadal Foundation.

As reported by the magazine Hi, the couple got engaged in May 2018 on the journey they both did Rome. News of the wedding surpassed February this year. He relationship successin the words of Mary in the book "Rafa: My Story", is it given space: "Traveling together everywhere would not be good for him or me. If I followed him everywhere, I think there would be a danger that we would stop doing so well. "

The place they have chosen for their wedding is Sa Fortaleza, in the municipality Polenica from his Mallorca natal. It is a castle loaded with history that began to develop to be built in the first years of the 17th century to defend the island from attacks at sea, at the suggestion of the judge Gabriel Matorel. Already in 1919, the property was acquired by the Argentine painter Roberto Ramague from 45,000 pesetas and in 1936, with the outbreak of the Civil War, it was occupied by Franco's army. It would not be until 1984 when Ramayuge's heirs were able to return the property. The new owners decided to sell the castle Johnon Ogden and it went on sale again in 2008.

He got up the most expensive property in Spain in 2011, when the British politician and financier James Lupton paid around 40 million euros and goes through a major battle with the government of Balearic Islands, who understand that Sa Fortaleza is well of cultural interest and that it should facilitate public access despite being privately owned. These days, the property is completely impenetrable, except for those who pay the rent: 40,000 euros a day. Also, it was setting up the wedding of other athletes as well Gareth Bale and Rudy Fernandez, despite being used to record some series of companies such as the BBC or Netflix.

There are others around the main building six houses with 17 bedrooms, where will stay this weekend close relatives of Rafa Nadal and Mary Pereli.


Mallorcan Portal Last minute announced that Local police and Civilian Guard They will coordinate an excellent operation to ensure that the event runs smoothly. Security forces coordinated for avoid collapse and agglomerations because they provide for a looking for journalists, photographers and fans. Neighbors of Polence They are enthusiastically preparing and cheating on several postcards and postcards with a greeting card for the couple. To ensure the privacy of all people, they were available to you buses to access the Alberkutks Fortress directly through the main Military Airport Gate without straining the leg or stopping for controls. The point of the meeting is Tennis Academy Nadal in Manakor, where there will be private security, the same company that will monitor the fortress. In addition, it will be Flying with drones and aircraft is prohibited, and no one can use your mobile phone.

Among the guests, estimated at some 350, in addition to relatives of Rafa and Mary and their close friends all their livesyou also expect to see some celebrities. He is convinced members of the Spanish tennis squad are coming as his coach Carlos My or tennis players Fernando Verdasco and Feliciano Lopez. But the presence of the king seems to have been confirmed Juan Carlos and even that of the queen Sofia.

The singer could also be present Enrique Iglesias and basketball player Pau Gasol, partners on Nadal in the restaurant business project Tatel and Zela, to which he later joined Christiano Ronaldo. It is also possible to be Gerard Pique and Shakira, as the Colombian singer has been a friend of the tennis player since Mallorcan starred in a 2009 video of her gypsy theme and the Barcelona footballer has approached him since joining the organization. Davis Cup.

The most prominent absence will be that of Roger Federer, his great rival and friend, who should be in the tournament at Basel which he promotes.


The bride's dress will be from the designer Rosa Clare. They did not go over the details of what will the dress look like by Mary, but it will be very simple according to the bride's personality. Rafa chose the Italian company for his suit Brunello Kucinelli, which makes all her clothes by hand and is a reference in men's suits.

Food will be the responsibility of the chef Maca de Castro, owner of Michelin star Michelin and three Repsol sunsets. Your hospitality The garden He will be responsible for serving the food. Bee help him Andres Moreno, Chef at Sa Punta Restaurant, which belongs to the Nadal family. Thee also has a Tattel bar in the welcome cocktail.

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