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Argentine wine day: the main data of the national drink – Telam

The Secretary of Agribusiness and the Argentine Wine Corporation (COVIAR), in order to give value to the national wine production and encourage consumption in our territory, established an Action Plan which, through a resolution promulgated on November 24 National drink on the Argentine wine day.
The plan consists of developing massive mass media campaigns to promote Argentine wine; take gourmet days that spread Argentine wine in the country's capitals and encourage the development of wine tourism activities in Argentina's various wine regions.

He came as a regional economy

In Argentina there are more than 900 active wineries.

92% of growers have up to 25 hectares and are those that concentrate 55% of the total arable land of the vineyards in the country.

Vitivinicultura is a symbolic regional economy that has the widest territorial deployment. It is essential to promote this economic activity, composed mainly of small and medium-sized producers.

Argentine wine is a value of our civilization and a fundamental element of the Argentine identity, which contributes to the socioeconomic maintenance of the provinces that produce, which have a wide range of climates and soils that make each region a unique homeland.

Vitivinicultura generates more than 106 thousand direct jobs and 280 indirect indirect jobs.

The Vitivinicola kit is one of the ten major export chains in the country, along with nearly 500 exporters who come with their wines in 127 countries.

The main markets for Argentine wines are: USA, UK, Canada, Brazil and the Netherlands.

The goodness and the types of wine

In Argentina, 223,585 are grown with vineyards. Malbeck (21%), Cherry (15%), Bonarda (10%), Creole Grande (8%), Cabernet Sovingnon (8%), Syrah (7%), Pedro Cimenez (6%), the rest (25%) .

In 2016, 4.8% of the total wines sold on the domestic market are sparkling wines. There are 39 medium and large enterprises that sell sparkling wines and 83 small businesses that sell up to 100 hectoliters per year of sparkling wines.

Argentina exports wine products to more than 127 destinations. 74% of consignments abroad correspond to fractionated wines. Argentine wine is a product of high added value.

Law no. 25,849 created COVIAR, an alliance between the public and private sectors, whose mission is to consolidate internal and external markets and integrate stakeholders in the chain.

The wine evokes a culture of moderate consumption, consolidated by social habits typical of Argentine identity.

Our country occupies the seventh place in the world consumption of wine per capita, currently has 22 liters of wine per capita per year.

Argentina is at the sixth position in wine production with 11.8 million hectoliters and the seventh in the implanted area, with more than 230 thousand hectares.

8 out of 10 Argentines drink wine at home and in the company of the couple and / or family."

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