Monday , May 17 2021

Argentina is already debating PrEP, a pill to prevent HIV

It is known The most effective method for HIV prevention is the condom, which not only prevents the acquisition of that virus, but also other infections that occur sexually. But 98% of diagnosed cases originate from the use of prophylaxis.

Hence, consensus grows because of the need for other preventive strategies and that's where the strength PrEP, with proven effectiveness between 90 and 95%.


It is antiretroviral, day pill known as PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis, designed for people who do not live with the virus and are more likely to get it: we are talking about cis and trans men and women who do not use condoms, of gray-dyked couples, those in which one of their members is positive, sex workers.


Fundación Huésped has begun an investigation that is repeated at the same time in other countries to analyze the effectiveness of pre-exposure prophylaxis in injection mode. "The idea is to know if the application is applied every two months It gives similar results to the pill because we know there are people who can not hold it every day, and maybe this alternative is easier for them, "she explains. Omar Sued, Guest Research Director.

Almost 100 people already participate in the study and the results will be known only within four years.


Dr. Judge understands that the state should guarantee the provision of this medicine to people who do not have health insurance, and social and pre-emptive acts will do the same with their members, because The AIDS Code in Argentina states that all prevention, diagnosis and treatment tools must be free of chargethen by law, if it is ratified by the state, it should be free. "


In Argentina, PrEP is still a long one that awaits and requires wider debate.

Gustavo Pekoraro, a journalist and activist in the response to HIV, says we are "a controversial alternative because it must be an alternative and not a single alternative to prevention". He adds that it is a discussion in which "on autonomy on the body they should prevail when deciding whether to take PrEP"

"You need to remove the CHEK from the closet, and the state is responsible."

"I am in a sexual relationship with a person who does not live with HIV, a serodiscreen link, and he would like to take over PrEP ", says Pekararo, one of the promoters of the first March of pride in Buenos Aires.

Another activist and journalist, Lucas "Fauno" Gutierrez, He argues that "we face the necessary debate, but in what context?" While all HIV-positive people are not guaranteed access to treatments, talking about PREP looks very hypocritical ".

How to think about drug disadvantages, if HIV positive people do not even have our drugs insured?

Gutierrez has ruled out the Secretary of State's degradation of the Ministry of Health and regretted that this year was not treated in Congress New HIV Law promoted by different organizations. He finally remembers it "We are guided by a 1990 law that does not think about human, social or labor rights."

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