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Applications for delivery and transport and "changas" contain unemployment – 12/23/2013

The labor market was moving in a special way as the recession and the decline in household incomes accelerated. Thus, more people stayed looking for work due to the fall in family income. Good part found employment but unreliable, informal and low quality, such as "changas" or in new forms of services, such as delivery and desire.

As a result, unemployment has increased compared to the previous year (rising from 8.3% to 9% per year), which is lower than expected taking into account the size of the recession. However, 170,000 unemployed people were added in a year Unemployment reached 1,730,000 people.

This is what most analysts interpret from INDEC data since the last quarter, which confirmed the economic activity decline of 3.5% over a period of one year. In this recessive context, the LCG consultant says that more people went to look for work "under the influence of the additional worker's effect, that is, the incorporation of people on the labor market who want to complement the income of a family group that is greatly affected by inflationary acceleration"

In other words, faced with the decline in the real income of families, other members had to leave to look for work in order to receive additional income in the family.

In net numbers, projected across the country, for a year 390,000 went out to look for work, 220,000 received it, but as insufficiently employed, jobs of several hours and informal, and 170,000 joined unemployment.

A worker who lives on the bridge Olaszabal, who lives to do

A worker who lives on the bridge Olaszabal, who lives to make "changas" in August this year.

INDESS's report says the fall of "fully occupied" (1.4 points less than in the previous quarter) and an increase in the unemployed (0.6 points more than in the second quarter and 1 point more than a year ago), in how many of the difficulties to find a job "increase the percentage of unemployed people with longer time requirements for use".

The LCG Consultant notes that "Although employment has increased in quantity, the quality of jobs created is lower. " And she adds: "Out of the new employees, more than 60% are employed individually, most likely in unskilled jobs." In turn, the passage of these data with the record of the Secretary of the job vacancies, "the conclusions may be less encouraging: the increase in the wage for employment registered on the basis of the largest number of employees in private homes (+4.3%), while the industry continued to decline (-2.8% year on year) ".

The INDEC report indicates that in manufacturing, the processing industry reduced its relative weight by 0.4 percentage points. The share of hotel and restaurant activities and transport, storage and communications has also decreased. "As a colleague, the activities that increased their relative weight in the structure of the employees' branches were construction and domestic services in which the share of employed persons increased by 0.3 percentage points." The unemployed climbed by one year from 10.8% to 11.8%, adding a total of 2.270.000 people.

In the same line, and also the passage of INDEC's data to those of Labor, Ecolatina says that "on the other side of the growth of employees, is really an extension of self-employment and informal employment ".

At the same time, he thinks that although more people went to look for work, they did it at lower growth rates than in the past, "this may be due to the fact that in the absence of employment opportunities as a result of the decline in economic activity, people are discouraged, and they stop participating in the job market. "

Labor data show an increase in monobrists – 15,900 more than a year ago – partly explained by new working modalities.

Lawyer Julian de Diego says that "in the desire as in the systems of delivery like Rappi, Pedidos ya and Glovo, there are no typical dependent relationships, but, on the contrary, there are components of an autonomous connection that works in a contradictory way, as those who provide the service operate at their own risk. "

In turn, "those who provide computer services under the modality of"home office ", they often lack working hours or pre-determined holidays, and their compensation is solved with the goals to change the paradigms of the past, where the hour and minutes of the admission are important and comply with the legal day. "

Institutional Thought and Public Policies (IPyPP) adds that "new employment is employment in insufficient employment, characterized by a decrease in working hours that generates lower income levels."

This poor quality of work results in a significant increase in what is known as "busy job seekers" dissatisfied with what they have, increasing "the effective workforce pressure that affects one quarter of the active population." In conclusion, IPyPP points out that "in the last year limited employment was based on insufficient employment and self-employment".

The desire grows on a monthly basis, which generates protests from taxi drivers.

The desire grows on a monthly basis, which generates protests from taxi drivers.

By 2019, the prospect of the labor market is uncertain. Ecolatina does not expect return to the labor market, especially due to stagnation of investments. . "Engagement is on historical downturns and the greatest sensitivity to informal employment before economic ups and downs will be those that explain changes in employment levels over the rest of the year and next year."

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