Wednesday , June 16 2021

Apple Watch Series 4 Review [FW Labs]

A refreshing change and increase in power.

We'll tell you something: When we saw the presentation of the iPhone & xs and Xs Max, our new Apple Watch Series 4 caught our eye.

Why? Being the year of "S", the iPhone does not bring many obvious changes to the naked eye, and although it is very good and is one of the phones of the year, Apple Watch has changed a lot and devoted more attention.


All parts with a design in which some would like to have a round cover, Apple remains faithful and creates a square identity, but now with a screen that goes far beyond the previous, reaching 44 mm in the case of our unit, but the eye, in the size is equal to the previous 42 mm. There is more to see, and the screen is better, there is nothing to argue about.

Apple Watch Series 4 FayerWayer Review

The rest of the body follows the same line, but the speakers are now on the left and louder damn louder, so people who like to listen to Siri (which works better than on the iPhone, for some mysterious reason) or make calls with busy hands, you can do it with much more calm.

The rear part of the sensors is more flat and thinner, making the watch more comfortable to wear, in fact much more convenient.

When it comes to bands, you can still customize them as part of the universe offered by Apple. It is not cheap, it is not new, calm trolls.

Apple Watch Series 4 FayerWayer Review

There are new projects that make better use of the larger screen space, but are not yet open, so people can contribute their ideas. It would be good if they gave the community space.

By the way, a small detail: now the crown uses a vibration motor when turning, and seems real. I do not lie, it's like a mechanical wheel. In addition, there is a small sound emulating around the iPod. Small wonderful details that make the difference.


When they say it's twice as fast as the 3 series, which was actually good, I believe it. This clock is like a bullet. There is no malfunction, no waiting, and finally the feeling that the processor sometimes can not disappear from applications.

As an intelligent watch it is the fastest hit on the market and is one of the few that accept LTE connectivity with such a small body. Unfortunately, in our region, operators still do not put batteries in the eSim issue, but Apple tells us that they are in talks and that Colombia will be close to making this move.

Apple Watch Series 4 FayerWayer Review

In such an elegant body, with a fast and trouble-free operating system, I have something that allows me to leave my phone at home, for example to go on a bike ride, listen to music in headphones and receive calls, with the quietness of quite advanced water resistance It is a powerful device.

The battery lasts for two days, but I can not reach it if I use it to measure sleep. This is definitely a device designed to charge every night. In this aspect, Apple is a bit up-to-date, but let's guess it's doing a lot more.

Yes, it now automatically recognizes when you exercise and encourages you to start your workout. It was missing and it is great that it is. Siri can be commanded without saying "Hey Siri", it's enough to raise your wrist, which works spectacularly well.

Apple Watch Series 4 FayerWayer Review

Measurements are now much more accurate, although in my case this is due to the debit with the question of knowing when you are standing and when you are sitting. I can play for an hour on PlayStation in my chair and I congratulate myself that I have been standing for so long. It happened to me from the first and with all the smartwatches they want me to stay. They think I am.

The rest is amazing, and filling in the circles of activity is a drawback. The measurement of the heart is very accurate and in the future you can do an electrocardiogram just black magic. All this together with breath hold reminders can make the best of you and push you to be the best version of yourself. When I read: using the Apple Watch is like taking care of Tamagotchi, where the animal you do not want to die for is you.

Who is it for?

First of all, just like from the moment of its release, it works only with the iPhone & # 39; em. It is a pity because it is a great product that everyone should be able to use no matter what the cell phone has. In any case, I do not expect Apple to open them, at least in the near and medium future.

Initially, it was only for enthusiasts and early adoptive, it was for those who were looking for a good complement to their iPhone & # 39; Then it became the best fitness device on the market. Now it is for everyone who has an iPhone and wants a better quality of life and be more aware of their health, with a faster and more aesthetic device than in the past. Completely recommended.

Apple Watch Series 4 FayerWayer Review

The version with GPS sells from $ 399, changing the size, housing material (it's aluminum, stainless steel screen and sapphire is more expensive) and LTE connectivity. In the official resellers of each country you can see the price offered in a given town.

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