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Ansie: When and how much will be next increases

July 18, 2019 9:37

The National Social Security Administration confirmed the month in which Family Allowances and Retirements will increase according to the Law on Mobility.

Ansie: When and how much will be next increases

According to Law on Mobility, two are increasing of the four that are in the year. However, the updated amount is for pensioners and pensioners, family allowances and non-contributory pensions.

In turn, from the Anses, they reported that AUH users have already received the four annual increases in March when the national government decided to raise it by 46%. At that time, the goal was for consumers to face inflation throughout the year.

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In this way, to get another rise, inflation should be 46% or the government will decide to increase it. At present, the amount of Universal Assignment per child is $ 2652 per month. However, Until February 2020, no quarterly updates are provided.

In return, the Benefit for the Elderly (PUAM), which is accessed at the age of 65 without the need for contributions, will rise to $ 10,355 in September. In case of payment per child, the amount will increase in September to $ 2526 in the case of families located in the segment with the lowest income achieved by the system.

Also, Family benefits will reach $ 31,494 and will be $ 2,250 for a child. It will also increase Annually a school attendance of $ 1,884 per child, that the state pays formal workers.

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On Executive Director of ANSES, Emilio BasavilbasoHe said: "We have a deep commitment to social security and we want every Argentine to feel cared for, especially the most vulnerable. "

However, September data are not yet official. They arise from the application of the mobility formula established by law. The calculation includes part of the evolution of retail prices and formal salaries in the economy.

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