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Another 14-year-old girl raped on New Year's Eve: four prisoners – 01/03/2015

Another girl raped. Another girl who was drugged to double. Another girl victim of a group of men who used to have fun. This time it was in Las Layyitas, a city in Salta. The men put it in the room of the house and raped her to celebrate the New Year. The girl, aged 14, continues to interlace.

According to the mother of the girl, a few minutes after the beginning of 2019, her daughter came out to salute the neighbors. After a while his daughter did not return, the mother went to look for her. I found her with classmates and classmates and let her stay a little longer.

But for a long time, the mother, worried, went out to look for her again. A neighbor told him that he saw his daughter being put in a house and showing him what it was. The house was about fifteen blocks from his. The woman knocked on the door, but another woman, inside, cried out to her that her daughter was not there and did not allow her to pass.

The girl's mother sought help and managed to get in with a group of neighbors. Then she found her daughter in one of the pieces, she was naked and almost missed. The door was locked, they had to strike it until they opened it.

At that moment, there were two men in the room who fled. The girl was almost unconscious. With the help of neighbors, the girl was taken to the hospital and the mother at the police station to file a complaint.

Once in the hospital of Joaquin V. Gonzalez, a protocol was applied to these cases. The family claims that they have given him an anti-art pill, the Ministry of Justice says that he went to the hospital.

For now the girl remains hospitalized and only tomorrow afternoon on Friday she can give her testimony at the Gesel Chamber. At the moment, the professionals who attended – the doctors – say she is not in a position to speak. Clarin He could have known that the girl had not yet been helped by psychologists because there was not one in Las Layyitas. "Joaquin V. Gonzalez's Juvenile Council got an intervention in which there are no psychologists," Clarin explained from the Justice Ministry. They also promised psychological help for the mother.

The Office of the Prosecutor of Joaquin V. Gonzalez, Delegation Las Layyatas, is in charge of the investigation. So far, there are four prisoners. First, the arrest of two young people who were in the room was achieved: they are 22 and 19 years old, and they are already attributed. Sin Sezar Ismail Palma and Agustin Vicente Perez, to whom they are charged with a criminal offense of sexual abuse with a qualified body approach.

Later, also were arrested Antonia Thomas Gill, owner of the house where the rape occurred, and who will be her grandson, Luis Rodrigo Gil. The woman in custody is Palma's mother and the prosecutor will pay this Thursday to be an accomplice, and Luis Rodrigo Gill for sexual abuse with a qualified body access. Obviously, the three men will be cousins ​​to each other. They are changarines, they work as bricklayers and field workers.

The house was raided and samples were taken and clothes were worn. The prosecution also takes testimonies from the girl's neighbors and friends.

Polina, one of the aunts of the girls, told Clarin that a man had attempted to rape her baby two months ago. "I followed her two weeks down the street, followed her everywhere, when she went to school, when she returned, my granddaughter and my sister made the report, but nothing happened." One night she grabbed her and dragged her to the cemetery. Like eight o'clock in the morning, he was dark, he wanted to rape her, but only one of his neighbors saw him and cried out and the boy fled, my sister and my grandson filed another complaint, nothing it happened. On the street, as if nothing, my sister lived alone with her three daughters, all women, she was afraid, and did not give psychological support. "The girl's mother is 32 years old and helps her mother's tea room. three girls.

Monica, another aunt of the girl, went to the local media and asked for justice: "What we are looking for is justice, that they do not go through a door and go through another. We do not want to see them anymore, we do not want another granddaughter, another granddaughter , another sister raped, we do not want these people in our society, in our city. " For her niece, she said: "She is bad, still under the influence of drugs, sleeping." And they said they had to seek police custody, because the wife of one of the detainees entered the house to tell the mother to withdraw the complaint.

Aunt said that this Friday at 18:00 will make a march for all the girls in the area that were raped: "There are many girls who are mothers for rape."

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