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Andrea Campbell: "Juan Darts hit me in the row" – 03/01/2015

In We are in the morning (Thirteen, at 9) debated the latest news on Juan Dartes (54) when the panelist Andrea Campbell (48) made an unexpected revelation: "He hit me in the order".

Campbell belonged to a group of friends that, more than 10 years ago, It was made up of the actor and Mary, his wife. And, according to his story, he continued with her during a Christmas dinner.

"I had a strange situation at Christmas", announced before the start of his story. And he continued: "The truth is, I thought he was confused, but now I do not know, because I really believe that what the abuser wants is to deliver it to the other and show that … ".

At that time, Fabian Doman, the driver of the cycle interrupted him. "But what happened to you?" He asked. And then, she remembered the episode that happened more than a decade ago, shortly after the birth of his daughter Esmeralda.

"He came from behind, he said:" Will we eat? "and hit me in the queue."

"We were very married and I was on the back. I only had Esmeralda, which clearly could not have seemed like Maria having a lomazo. And he came from behind, he said, "Will we eat?" and it struck me like this (makes the gesture of slapping) in the tail with much intent, "he recalls.

Campbell in

Campbell in "Us a la mañana". (Instagram)

Then she said that her reaction was "to hit a jump" because all her friends were there, including her husband. "He (for Dartes) told me" u, I was puzzled, ha, ha … " It was an awkward situation. "Forgive me, I thought you were Mary"He also told me. I was 20 pounds more than Maria. "

In addition, Campbell explained that what happened that night "now makes more noise". "At that time I thought he was confused, but putting such a hand in his wife's tail in the middle of the Christmas meeting does not look that way, but they also use the customs." The thing is, it was not a woman, it was me. It was a position of domination and I have bigger than all"he was convicted.

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