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An old court case jeopardizes Leonardo Ponzioli's presence in the Superfinale – 30/11/2013

Conquest's decision to take the Copa Libertadores final in Madrid did not agree with the River or Boca. Millionaire club, because it means losing the advantage of the site and returning money to 66,000 members who sold the tickets to the Monumental. Al xeneize, on the other hand, because he wanted his rival to be declassified due to the aggression against the micro-shot section that moved his players.

However, the new issue added Reka's problem: the old court case threatens Leonardo Ponzio. What is this about? The player is charged with participating in the competition between Zaragoza – where he plays – and the Levante on May 21, 2011. Zaragoza won the game and, reportedly, Levante players charge a premium set of about 1.2 million euros.

It was a big scandal involving 42 members of the two clubs. However, the issue was diluted until February this year, when the cause was reopened. Subsequently, the Provincial Court in Valencia, the city in which the disputed contest was challenged, was the one who ruled the player for two years in prison and six years of disqualification for sports practice. Oral examination, in turn, will be in September 2019.

"I've been playing for six years, I got a promotion and then we stayed in the league, since then the only goals were not to reduce, I thought the cycle was over and I decided to go back," said Leonardo Ponce in January 2012, seven months after This Party was suspected , when he resigned a good deal of his contract to abolish Zaragoza and joined the river, which was in the First National B.

Now, according to the Spanish newspaper Mark, "lawyers are trying to confirm the situation of the football player does not prevent you from entering Spain, because according to the sources of the prosecution, those involved will not be able to engage in professional activity in the country for at least six years.

There is also a history that assures the river. Gabi Fernandez was able to play at Atletico de Madrid by June this year, when Al-Qadar's Qatar's Al-Qad League leaves, and the other is Christian Stoyani, who plays in Girona and is also charged with the cause of his time as a soccer player Levante.

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